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04 August, 2012

Mid-winter Flowers

Greetings all. This is just a little garden meander for your interest.

The wattles are starting to come out. I always know that we are just passing the the middle of winter when the gardens, the road verges and the bush is punctuated with startling yellow. It's gorgeous. Acacias form a huge botanical family with many growth habits but for me the tiny yellow pom-poms are just beautiful.

A Snowy River Wattle just starting to show itself amongst the ti-tree in the bush part of my garden.  

A close-up of the lovely wattle pom-poms.
 One of the flowering gums is coming out which is a delight to the wattle birds who love the nectar and the black cockatoos who love the gumnuts.

Here is the yellow gum which paradoxically has red flowers.
 In a previous post I mentioned that the Thryptomene was out and looking beautiful. Here are a couple of pictures to show you how it looks. Imagine the sight in western Victoria in the Grampians, a chain of mountains running north-south for about 120 Km. Thryptomene is indigenous to this area and it grows en masse, a sea of white and in some places, pink.
Thryptomene in the garden...
...and on the book case beside the Ribbon Seller. The pink flower is a particularly pretty grevillea.
Hope you enjoyed a few glimpses of my winter garden.
Miles of smiles,


Neesie said...

Great minds think alike Ros because I'm just putting a post together that highlights all the colours and plants that are brightening our day at the moment.
I love the wattle and am always amazed when the perfume wafts as I pass on my walks ;D
I always love to read your posts because you are a mindful of Australian knowledge and give so many facts to keep me informed :D
Let's hope we're in for a fun packed creative week ahead ~ enjoy! :D

Redanne said...

Hi Ros, thank you for the little meander through your lovely garden. I remember seeing wattles when I visited Australia many years ago, but did not know then what they were. Love the vibrant yellow ones - they are gorgeous. A x

EELS said...

Ah the Grampians, remember them so well. Hubby and I started going there before we married and then took our two girls a few times, loved the walking trails etc.
Have a great crafty week.