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26 August, 2012

Stamps arrived from Ryn

Thank you Ryn.

My parcel of stamps arrived in yesterday's post (Friday) and I'm so delighted. After our lost in the mail saga, they have arrived safe and sound. I want to mention the misadventure only because you have been the exemplary business woman in handling it. I am very impressed with your problem-solving, your customer service and your kind patience. I wish for you that all your customer relationships are as cordial and trusting as this has been for me. It may not always be, however it is my wish. Thanks again.

Dear Reader, are you wondering what was in the parcel? Here are my lovely new stamps, deeply etched and smoothly cut out on the foam mounts. Most importantly, they are designed by Ryn Tanaka in Canada and deliciously different. They are all from the sea theme and I'm really happy with them.

Here are links to Ryn's web site and her to fairly new blog here.

The droplets are here, along with seaweed, foam, turtle, mermaid and reedy sea dragon.
I love reedy sea dragons. They are quite common along the coast of South Australia and western Victoria.When I met one the first time, I could hardly believe my eyes. It was like meeting a delicate dream creature. And watching turtles transform from arkward lumbering things on land into an elegantly patterned frisbee that flies off into the blue is such a thrill. Did you think I was born in the sign of Pisces?

Miles of smiles,


EELS said...

Hi Ros,
congrats on receiving your stamps, I'm not of the sea but these look so scrummy esp the raindrops.
Have a lovely crafty weekend.

Neesie said...

Oh my word I love these Ros,
I've been thinking about getting to draw some sea designs myself but I'm still in the bird theme for now.
I'm hoping to finish a 'Willy Wagtail' off today.

These stamps are wonderful...the water droplets look soooo real.
I'd love to be able to transfer some of my designs into stamps but haven't got a clue where to start.

It looks like your in for some brilliant crafty times ahead. I can't wait to see what you do with them. :D
Have a super Sunday xoxo

Di said...

Wonderful stamps Ros! I've only seen sea dragons in aquariums in the Far East - they really are one of the most beautiful sea creatures. Di xx

Redanne said...

Goodness Ros, it make my little purchase of the raindrops look meagre in comparison! Lol. Ryn's stamps are really beautiful, especially the sea/ocean ones. It still amazes me how the raindrops can look so realistic. You are right too, Ryn is one in a million in the customer care department. I hope she does well. I think you will have many happy enjoyable hours ahead with these. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Ryn Tanaka said...

Hey Ros, Wow! What a lovely blog post :) I feel really touched that you would go out of your way to write a thank you note to me and to make a post about your new stamps!

I do hope that you have tons of fun creating! Can't wait to see what you make! Many thanks for the thank you note ;) Bye for now, Ryn

judith@poppy cottage said...

Enjoy your stamps Ros, I love Ryn's stamps as well, they are gorgeous aren't they? Wishing you many hours of inky happiness, Judith x

Patricia said...

They sure look gorgeous! Mine are making their way over the high seas to me, and I can not wait to receive them...Happy Stamping to you!

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Ros, I know you will enjoy your stamps from Ryn with the high quality and wonderful designs. I'm lucky to be designing for Ryn and it's a joy every time ! Have fun ! Shirleyx

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Ros, I'm back again. After I posted a comment I realize I recognize your photo. I apologize as I noticed when you joined my blog and for some reason I didn't find your blog at that time or I would have joined as a follower. Thanks for visiting my blog and I'm now a follower of yours ! Enjoy your day :) Shirleyx