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08 August, 2012

WOYWW No 166.

Greetings Stampers and all.

Wednesday has swung around again and that's the day when a group of international Desk Jockies visit each others desks. Our starting point is Julia Dunnit's Stamping Ground so follow the link and join the fun.

On Monday I went up to town and called in at Bellbird Paperarts to get some card and just look-see. (Hur hur hur.)

Came away with a lovely set of stamps of fern leaves by Flourishes - but there's a sting in the fine print. Here is the first of the ferns on a card, not yet assembled but on the way. The butterfly is just sitting there.

The usual desk, with the new fern leaf stamps.
I'm very happy with these stamps, fine definition and lovely design, but not so happy with the rather limited Angel policy. They allow any amount of hand-stamped design for personal use but not for sale or reproduction as usual, but they specifically prohibit giving away or swapping of works made with them. And I've just been bitten with the ATC bug so I feel a bit miffed.

Hope you're enjoying the week at the half way point.


EELS said...

Ooooh Ros those fern leaf stamps are gorgeous, I could definitely use them on something I'm sure.
Cheers, Elaine

RosA said...

Lovely fern stamps! But I would interpret "personal use" as stamping on a card to give away (or swap)! That's crazy! (I've never heard of this condition before, have you?)

Neesie said...

Hi Ros,
I thought I'd nip across even with Mr Linky going AWOL...not sure if this will have me on detention or not, but I have to use the time to desk hop when I can.
Anyway, the fern stamps look beautiful...very delicate, but what a pain to have such a restricting policy.
Good luck going into town in this weather...I've been out twice so far today and been caught in it each time...roll on spring!
I'm surprised that you mention the Olympics actually because everyone here seems to have gone very quiet! ;D (hehe)
Enjoy WOYWW ~ Neesie (no number)

Redanne said...

Hi Ros, that is a very strange policy! You would think they would be happy to let people show off the work from those lovely stamps.........not joining in today but just called to say hi anyway. Anne x

Helen said...

Those stamps look fabulous and you have used them beautifully. Helen, 4

Julia Dunnit said...

I'd be miffed too - probably miffed enough to communicate with them...I bet a good % of sales are made by people receiving artwork and wanting the stamps for themselves. I guess they're worried that one person buys the stamps and then stamps a load of images for others to use, rather than the way we consider 'swap'. Ask them to be more definitive in their definition!!
And yes to hur hur..youjust know a look-see is going to involve something that you don't need! Am off fo rone myself later, with girlfriends, so looking forward to that!

Claire said...

oooh! a love the fern stamps! and you're creating something really beautiful :)
happy WOYWW!!
no. 11

podgypanda said...

Hi Ros,
Those stamps will come in very handy they are the sort of image you can use for a million different things. A real staple.
Hope you enjoy creating with them this week
X Julie (paperpathway) 15

Judys Fabrications said...

Hi Ros, those fern leaf stamps would work on so many projects! Wow!
I'm having a Giveaway if you're interested.
Judy #19

Eliza said...

What a load of poppy cock, just do your cards and create your atc's blimey that is crazy, you have paid for the product, they have no legal right to restrict you like that and if K @ BBP that shop says anything tell her to jump too.

I had had a set like this for years and never seen this restriction.

Have fun creating.

Eliza #30

Glenda said...

I love Flourishes stamps, but didn't know about this policy. To me personal use means anything other than selling. Guess I need to re-think my love of these stamps!
Glenda 55

VonnyK said...

I love your fern stamps but it's a bit rich that you can't use them for swaps. I would have thought that when you buy them, you can use them for anything, after all you are creating something new with them. It's a bit mean if you ask me. I see you are down in the cold with Neesie, we are expecting 26 deg up here in Brissie tomorrow, but 18 deg the next day. I wish spring would hurry up!!
Von #17

Ann B said...

Lovely card, just enough stamping to make it perfect.

Happy WOYWW.
Ann B

RosA said...

Hi Ros,
Yes, I do have that background stamp you mention. I borrowed some stampscapes stamps from Sandra De but I haven't used this one yet. I think I would really like to do something like those lovely little cards you sent me, with the bright colours. And yes, I think you must have used that stamp in the background. (Did you mention somewhere on your blog how you made them? I must have another look there.) And my friend (who did the "Stampscape lesson") has had a workshop with Jeanette, so she had a rough idea of what to do. Oh, and yes, the snow was great. I don't mind the cold, if it's in pursuit of skiing!
RosA # 62

May said...

Love that fern stamp I could use that on lots of projects.. Gorgeous card beautiful butterfly... I never heard that you can't give the stamped card or ATC away before.. how Silly is that what else are you to do with it.. Send yourself a card.. tee-hee.. Madness. Have a great week, Hugs May x x x#40

nerllybird said...

So you can't make cards with them, then? Whose bright idea was that?? Your stamping is beautiful - should you even be showing it to us? Lol!
Helen S #89

Hazel said...

Lovely stamps - they will be so versatile. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Hope you have a good week. Hazel WOYWW #99 x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Ros, lovely stamps, love ferns and the composition on your card is simply beautiful. Pity about the draconian angel policy though. Don't they realise that swapping is one way of ensuring that crafters will be seeking out their stamps!

Happy WOYWW. Hope you have an enjoyable week. Elizabeth x #18

Trish Latimer said...

What a daft policy...i've lost track of the number of stamps I've bought because I've loved the image i've received in a swap!! They're doing themselves out of business there! pity, gorgeous stamps! Trish #27

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Ros,

What a great fern stamp. The butterfly look great on the fern too.

It's my one year anniversary - no candy yet but I am taking a poll.....

Hugs, Kay #96

sandee said...

OK, that is the craziest policy I have ever heard!! I would not buy their stamps, as everything I make has the sole purpose to be given to someone...that is just weird. waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

But how can they possibly police everything that is made with their stamps?? It's impossible so that is emotional blackmail.....

I know all about 'just looking'! It happens to me all the time. But I feel so sorry for the shopkeepers, it's fair to help them out and purchase an item or three..... *grin*

Hugs, LLJ #13 xx

Twiglet said...

What a weird policy on those stamps. Surely once they are yours you should be free to swap ATCs if you want. It will put folks off buying. They are very pretty and I am sure you will make some lovely things. x Jo

Minxy said...

Cool stamps, shame you can't say that about there limited use, how rubbish is that,not being able to swap work is utter madness, are you sure your even allowed to blog a pic of you using them LOL

Hugz Minxy #50

Gita said...

Love the ferns stamped on the card. That seems like a very restrictive policy..what's the point if you can't give a card to someone with the stamped image?!

mamapez5 said...

I love the curved fern spray. they are often so stiff and straight. But that is a very limiting angel policy and not very realistic when you consider how we all use them.

I have blog candy on offer so feel free to sign up to be in with a chance to win.

Kate #25

Annie said...

Have a feeling they have written their policy wrongly cos what's the point of having the stamp if you can't use it to give away the produce. I can understand not using it for sales...maybe!
A x #6

Neet said...

That's a bummer about the Angel Policy, not seen that one before - thanks for the heads up.
Such lovely stamps too - great how you have them on that card with the butterfly.

Hugs, Neet xx

Tertia said...

That is a very strange policy. What exactly is the point of owning a stamp if you can't even give away the finished product?? Sounds very weird.
Love the way it looks.
Happy belated WOYWW
Tertia 86

mamapez5 said...

Hi Ros. It's me again, just to say how much I enjoyed your choir piece. I shall remember the song. I too sing in a community choir, but there are only around forty of us. We sing four or five concerts in the summer and another five or six around Christmas. We are always looking for songs that combine Spanish and English, as we often have a mixed audience. This summer we sang the theme for Titanic in both languages and it was very well received. We sing more traditional tunes at Christmas but next summer I may well suggest Todo cambia.
Kate x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Me again!! I've always been musical - following the family. My dad was one of eleven children, poor as church mice but they all learned to play an instrument or sing....
So, music is my one true talent. I play piano and cello to quite a good standard, I sang soprano in the local choral society and then, six years ago, followed my son into the training section of the local brass band. Two months later, I was in the senior band!! I can pitch very well, so picked it up very quickly. I have found my true love - the tuba!! I suppose singing has given me strong lungs which you definitely need to blow a large instrument. The band has a real family atmosphere, I adore it.
I read a very interesting article about choosing the right instrument for children - it was all based on personality. Quiet children were best for piano or violin, eccentrics were suited to the bassoon etc etc. And the loud, raucous, rebellious types were best suited to brass..nuff said!! LOL Oh, and they're always the first to the bar at the end of the concert *grin*

Samantha Elliott said...

Your card is gorgeous but should that really be an "Angel" policy? Sounds like a "Demon" policy to me! I would have left them in the shop myself!
Hettie 47

Darnell J Knauss said...

First, LOVE ferns, so agree that those are some beautiful images. Second, totally agree with being miffed about the policy. It is so ridiculous that it's worth double-checking with them. Who doesn't use stamps to make a card and then give it to someone for an event? Or scrapbook for a family member?

Fine, say you can't "sell" cards using them, but don't say you can't "give" or "swap" cards. Ricidulous!! Might as well hang a sign that says, "We make images solely for the scrapbooker who is solely making scrapbooks solely for themselves." It's just dumb. Sorry, can you tell you have me miffed, too?!

Keep us posted. And have a great week! Darnell

Carole M. said...

Hi Ros' the fern stamps are very appealing to me too; great for cards especially with our upcoming warmer months. You will get a lot of pleasure working with these fun purchases. Lovely examples you're creating. Take care,

Shoshi said...

Gorgeous stamps, Ros, and I love the ghosting effect you've got, which combines beautifully with the inking around the edge of the card. I hate restrictive conditions like that - it's petty and against the whole creative ethos in my humbe opinion! I'm going to see if I can find some decent fern stamps elsewhere, without such restrictions. Also, I much prefer rubber to clear. Love, love, love the results here, though!

Thanks for your fun comment on my blog! Yes, my desk has been a tad inaccessible over the past few days - I never thought of Olympic gymnastics as a method of reaching it, though!! Honestly, some of the athletes in the Olympics do seem to defy gravity, don't they! I'm glued, and loving it.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #50

Shoshi said...

Hi Ros, and thanks for your latest comment on my blog. I'm so glad you've discovered Ryn as well - she's so talented and needs as much exposure as possible! Glad you liked the little piece I wrote about her. I simply couldn't resist that water droplets stamp - I've also ordered a couple of moths, and the fern-like leaves.


Carola Bartz said...

These are beautiful stamps and what you have created even more beautiful.
I don't understand that weird angel policy - that's actually hardly an angel policy at all, I think. How do they want to control that people are NOT swapping ATCs etc. made with their stamps? Do they knock on your friends' door asking to see the cards you have sent them? How ridiculous is that. I guess they don't want to stay in business very long (and many angel policies actually allow selling of works done with their products as long as it is truly handmade, no mechanical reproduction and often not more than 20 of the same items).

Karen said...

Hi Ros,
I just found your blog via a post from Ryn Tanaka! I've loved what I've seen so far and look forward to further browsing.

You piqued my interest about the Flourishes angel policy (I'm currently making cards for sale). I read it and it seems to me that what they are prohibiting is the swapping, trading, etc. of stamped images that are just the stamped image. I've seen these advertised, as in you stamp X five times and give it to me and I'll stamp Y five times and give it to you. Or sometimes you see on internet auction sites big stacks of pre-stamped images. I would think it is these sorts of practices that they are prohibiting for their images. It said that their use is for hand stamped creations, which to me implies that you do more to it than just stamp it on a piece of cardstock and call it quits. I would suggest you ask the company for clarification because I would think that they would actually want their images in use and circulating so that more people see them and buy them. That was my take on their policy, though it could certainly be interpreted as you described.