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29 October, 2012

My Letterbox Runneth Over

I've been very busy however this late news is still a "must share", and no less wonderful in my mind despite the passing of ten days. I've had three letterbox surprises in a few days.

First of all, some peeps will recall that Jo of JoZarty had a little competition about pole dancer names. My Miss Dixie Bolitho had a little win!  It was so unexpected to me that poor Jo went through the list of comments to find who was behind Miss Dixie - thank you so much, Jo.

I received a lovely parcel beautifully presented and some stash As WELL. It was like Christmas, in fact much of the lovely papers and things will go with Christmas cards and tags very nicely. In my parcel were bag blind items that will be the best conversation starters. I've examined each piece with great interest Jo, thank you so much.

Centre stage is the prize beautifully wrapped. Also love the little suede ATC wallet at the top.

Lovely handbag bling and think I'll use the piece on the right as a pendant.

Next surprise was the arrival of a parcel from Ryn Tanaka that was lost, stolen or strayed. Ryn and I decided that it was unlikely to show after a month so she sent me another set of the stamps I ordered. She is generous in business and we came to an arrangement about it all. The long and short of it is that the parcel arrived three months after the due date!!! Wonder where they've been? Ryn, I'll send them to you this week and maybe you'll get them by Christmas!?

Look at the date sent! Maybe it went to Mexico and drank a lot of Tequila on the way like I did. Ha!
And now for the final surprise! Here's the little saga - my August Craft Stamper magazine was missing about ten pages. No great drama, sometimes happens in a print run. I looked into various ways to replace it starting with the newsagent. She thought it was most unlikely so I went to the website and found an Australian email contact. Well, after a few emails and calls, the lovely Dave at the office in Sydney organised the replacement for August, sent me the October and Novemeber issues and then I arranged a subscription in Aussie dollars. (I had September.)

Then.... I received a parcel of stamps from CS in UK. Coulda knocked me down with a feather! So happy with this totally unexpected bonus. Gorjius, gorjius, gorjius.

Doors to open wide and windows to Stain. What fun. 
This is when you know your number's not up, so many folks are kind, and life's good! 

Thanks for sharing my bon mots.
Lots of smiles,


EELS said...

Well Ros, all I can say is lucky you! Enjoy all the goodies.
Cheers, Elaine

Sue said...

What wonderful have done so well. Printing errors do occur and I am so glad you now have have the full edition. People can be so kind and helpful.
The door stamps will give you lots of scope for creativity.
Have a good week Ros!

Neet said...

Wish you lived nearer so I could touch you in the hope some of that luck rubbed off. What a lot of lovely events but all muchly deserved as you are such a lovely lady.
What a lot of great gifts and how strange about the stamps you ordered.
Take care and thanks for all the comments whilst I was AWOL.
Hugs, Neet 23 xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

wow Ros you cant beat happy mail! Shaz in oz.x