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21 November, 2012

Poppies Running Riot

I wish I could move my art room into the bathroom. The view is so lovely, especially in the mornings as it faces east. Just look at this view. The tall trees in the background are eucalypts and are not on this property. They are part of our 'borrowed' view. The bit of the vista that demands my attention is the wheel barrow and the prunings stacked for the mulching machine.

So much colour, remembering that soon it will be drying off and the mulch will help keep some moisture in the soil.
 In amongst all this are the poppies, self-sown from last year and full of surprises that we didn't know we had. What a picture.
Here is a good selection in the early sunlight.
Here are the big reds! Interesting how the centres are black and lemon on the same plant.
Little California dreamers that come back each year. Love 'em.

And this gorgeous purple dish mop that has never appeared before.
Hope you enjoyed this little poppy show. Best wishes to my followers and callers. I do enjoy your comments very much. Thank you.


EELS said...

Ooooh Ros these pics remind me so much of my beloved garden I used to have on our acreage in the hinterland...might do a post of some soon.

Redanne said...

Thank you for the lovely wander around your garden Ros, you have some gorgeous poppies. Here it is dark, wet, cold and pretty miserable and the frost has killed everything colourful off - so lovely to see Spring somewhere in the world whilst we are approaching Winter. Hugs, Anne x