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22 November, 2012

Storing Long Skinny Things

This post is a little side-step from an exchange with Shoshi during the week. Her show and tell post about storing rulers prompted me to mention my little set of drawers that are invaluable for long skinny things.

It is really a wooden cabinet set of three drawers designed to store paints or pastels of various kinds, however I find it so useful for things I want quickly whilst working, and then a place to put them rather all over the desk.

Of particular relevance to rulers firstly, is the bottom drawer which has no dividers so it accommodates 30cm/12 inch rulers easily. Longer than that, they are a problem for which Shoshi may just have the right solution. The link above will take you to her post.

You can see that this set of drawers also takes a stack of stuff on top. I'm planning to get another paper tray.
There are not only no dividers but this bottom drawer is slightly deeper than the next two. Here are bulky pens, a Fiskars knife, sundry rulers, set square, large erasers, texture hammer and so forth.

A shallower drawer which holds items in a single layer, and which is partitioned.
In this layer are punches, special pens for glue, Versamark, fine-liners, and various craft knives. There is also a mouldable eraser for pastels.

The top drawer is similar in size and layout to the second.
In this top drawer is a swag of tweezers which I use frequently, some of my more fine brushes, sundry poking and pricking tools, nibs and blades of different kinds, and my favourite tiny fussy-cutting scissors.

So there you have it. Hope this is of some interest to the desk hoppers.

Warm wishes,


EELS said...

Hi Ros,
I just checked out Shoshi's post and like you, I am really interested in the Bosch glue gun. Did you get one yet? Seems they're only available from the UK and ebay has a listing which I'm considering.
I've had a few shockers also and really want a good reliable glue gun so maybe this is the one?

Julia Dunnit said...

Intersting? No. Fascinating!! I only have one ruler and it pokes out my pencil pot when not commandeered by Mr D for technical, real use! I think what fascinates me most is that you put the stuff in the drawers with the workig ends facing the open drawer....I never do that. I wonder why? And tha tyou have collapsible tidy trays that you don't seem to collapse..that makes me feel heaps better about not putting the odd things away!!

Sue said...

could do with some storage like that, i'm forever losing my rulers, specially the see-through ones
you are so organised...i have organisationaal envy
the only way for me to find anything is to start chucking things out...amazing what turns up
thank you for your kind comment
have fun, Ros

EELS said...

Hello again Ros,
Just an update on the Bosch glue gun....I went to Bunnings this morning and their 'Special Orders' desk contacted Bosch Aust and it was confirmed that Shoshi's model is only avail in the UK. It comes with a UK plug 220-240v which is the same as ours and only needs an adaptor. The question of warranty is still an issue though and I'm waiting for a reply from the seller on ebay on this. If you like I can let you know what they say?
Cheers, Elaine

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

wow Ros this one awesome storage system echo the above comments! Shaz in Oz.x