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23 December, 2012

Season's Greetings Dear Bloggers & Att: LLJ.

Dear All, Followers, my WOYWW folk, and blog friends. I do hope that you have a festive Christmas and a New Year filled with promise, creativity and contentment.

I have missed joining in WOYWW for a couple of weeks or more. I had dramas with a burst hot water pipe under the concrete slab and the excavation is not a pretty sight. It's been full of anxious moments and wouldn't you know, the 'comprehensive' insurance won't pay for any of it. On top of that, I've picked up some kind of staph infection through a cut on my elbow. (I seem to recall my Mother telling me not to lean on my elbows at the table!)  Well... both the infection and the antibiotics have me a tad laid low. BUT I will bounce back, mark my words.

It's two days before Christmas and it's hot, as it should be. Not much over 35C I'd say. Went to the Farmers Market this morning, reasonably early and picked up vegies, eggs laid yesterday, and dried fruit without sulphur in it. I love these 'Heritage' radishes in different colours.

We stopped off at the local supermarket to get a few things and there was a young busker outside blowing her heart and soul into some Christmas carols with grunt!!  She was ably supported by her twin brother who gave me permission to take her photo. Isn't she great? 

LLJ, I thought of you and this photo is for you!

Purchased some spices and sourdough bread for tonight. The spices are for a fresh batch of dukkah to take with extra virgin olive oil and the bread to our Street Christmas Party tonight. That will be great fun as some people whose properties are beach houses we don't see through the year very much.

BTW, I posted the dukkah recipe not long ago - you can find it here.  And the EVOO is grown and pressed locally.

Here are the ingredients for the dukkah. The kitchen smells gorgeous after all the spices are toasted.

If it isn't still too hot, we'll walk down the hill to Carols by Candlelight, but I'm reserving judgement on that.

You might recall I mentioned that my Christmas cards would probably mutate as I got to around the forty or fifty mark. Well they did just a bit and here's a snap to show the little changes.

They've been fun to make in batches.
 Here's an Irish blessing that I rather like:

May your roof never fall in
And your friends never fall out.  

Happy days to all,


Redanne said...

Hi Ros, so sorry to hear about the burst (DD has exactly the same problem) and also the infection. Feeling out of sorts is bad enough in the cold but in that heat.....

Hope you feel well for Christmas and that you and yours have a a wonderful festive season. Hugs, Anne x

EELS said...

G'day Ros,
sorry to hear you've been feeling a tad crook! The street party sounds like fun, they used to have one in our street before we moved here but now it doesn't happen anymore worse luck.

And hope the burst pipe thing is sorted soon.
Wishes for a grand Xmas day and happy new year. Looking fwd to woyww in 2013

JoZart said...

So sorry to hear that you've been laid low and hope you are able to perk up enough to enjoy Christmas.
It has been so cold and wet here but we haven't had snow as we did last year at this time.
Thanks for the reminder of the dukkah!
Hope the water pipe problem is all repaired, cleared and dried up. No doubt it will dry quickly thanks to the heat there!
Have a Happy Christmas and a creative 2013
Love Jo x

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Ros I hope your arm doesn't take too much longer, anti biotics are a real downer huh. Take your time though, but you're right, we are counting on your bouncing back! I must say your itinerary sounds wonderful. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh thank you for the pic of the young brass busker!! I hope she raised some cash. Brass players tend not to be shrinking violets *cough* I was doing some busking last Saturday too, except I was in four layers of clothing not a skimpy t shirt!!!
I'm sorry to hear about you arm and the blooming Pipe :( I hope both issues resolve themselves as painlessly as possible.
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Ros and even better New Year. Thank you SO MUCH for all the support and positive comments this year, I can't express how much it has meant!
With love, LL Jan xxxxxx

Sue said...

Your poor elbow and sorry about your burst. I cannot conceive the notion of a hot Christmas
Sounds great, I bet it is fun really. I also love the moon . I watch her at night when I can't sleep, though of course she is not always about. She hides and then appears in full face with haloes of colour around her. Excuse typos, my iPad has ideas of its own.
Never minded the astronauts landing before, but you have made me think...thy leave behind debris and other things and she will be spoiled, much like we spoiled our earth.
Xxxxx sue

Shoshi said...

What a lovely post, Ros! Your Christmas cards really did turn out well, and I love your festive veges. So sorry to hear you are poorly, though, and have had all that plumbing trouble, both of which I hope will soon be cleared up to your satisfaction!

Thank you for your two lovely comments, and I'm so glad you like my zentangles. I've just designed another one which I shall soon be uploading!

A very happy new year to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ros, per your suggestion I've jumped back into December to see your cards close-up -- I love them! Cheerful and bright and sparkly. I love the loose illustration style of the stamp artist. ~ Laura said...

Love that quote.