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12 December, 2013

WOYWW No. 236 Christmas: on the Home Run

Greetings WOYWW-ers and followers. The finger surgery has been quite a success thank goodness however it has slowed me down a bit. I'll show some before and after pics in another post. Sorry I haven't been to visit so many blog friends for so long but typing has been a challenge. Thank you for your comments and messages - really appreciate them very much indeed.

Now to the desk - in case you're not familiar with the weekly What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, follow this link to Julia Dunnit's Stamping Ground and find out all about it.

I've been beavering away at the Eastern Yellow cards and we raised about $500 for our group - very pleasing. I've also been pushing along with my own Christmas cards which you can see this week - they're still on the desk.

I have packets of ten finished cards on the left. The trimmed panels, Liquid Pearls, inks and stamps in use (and some not).
I've made a much simpler card than last year using a Kraft card panel stamped with VersaMagic and embossed with white powder in which I mixed a tiny amount of Judikins Aegean Silver for subtle sparkle. The Hero Arts tree stamp is dotted with Liquid Pearls in two different colour-ways.

This is the first colour combination - red and three different greens.
This is the other colour combination - purple is the dark note with pale green, lemon and orange.
I've added two different grasses at the base of the tree and some white ribbon printed with VersaCraft ink - I only have black. I tried Colorbox Crafter's in red and green but it bleeds on the ribbon like everything else. Wasted my cash on it really.

Cheery smiles to all,

20 November, 2013

WOYWW No. 233. Cards for a Yellow Robin.

Greetings WOYWW-ers.

I've sadly missed a few weeks of desk hopping, but lots has happened - some glad, some sad and some bad. Firstly a fast and friendly 'hello' to my comrades who visit and follow my blog.  For those who wonder what the desk viewing is about, hop over to the Stamping Ground.

The Glad news is on my desk. I am part of a team setting up a little fund raiser for the local friends group of our lovely Balcombe Estuary. I have designed a Christmas card which accompanies the donations to our Group. It includes the Eastern Yellow Robin which makes its home along the Estuary.

The Eastern Yellow Robin as a Christmas feature.

In case you wondered, Woody has a seated vantage point in a busy corner.

The sad news is that our little Blackbird family nesting above the front porch light has been raided by a Butcher Bird. Three chicks were thrown out of the nest this morning. One of them is still breathing, moving, swallowing but I don't know whether it will survive. It's only a few days old and feeding it is a problem. Mrs Blackbird has disappeared and Mr Blackbird has been flying up and down in great distress.

It's a fine nest, buttressed against the light.

Four days old and three happy little beaks.
In one rampage, the Butcher Bird threw them all out.
One has survived but only just; still breathing, swallowing.

Mr Blackbird has been up and down all day.

Finally, the bad news is that I had some day surgery on my left middle finger. It was really a very effective experience full of efficiency, attention to detail and light-hearted care. So, it's not really that bad, just a bit sore and a great excuse to dodge my duties and soak up some pampering!

A fat finger - the osteophytes caused a problem here. Damn this arthritis.

Must be away. The finger is not up to any more activity.
Miles of Smiles,

02 November, 2013

Friday Smiles: View from my Bathroom

Hello Friday smilers.  Joining in with Annie's Friday Smiles.

This is just a little photo essay to make you smile - I was smiling while I cleaned my teeth so I decided to take some pictures. It's the view from my bathroom window which seemed especially lovely this morning. Here it is in step-by-step zoom.

Looking across the garden to a lovely 'borrowed view' of eucalypts.
Zooming in a little on the California poppies, some yellow, some orange.
Who's the gal holding the floor, stealing the show from anything lavender?
The self-sewn star of the poppy show - the hussy with purple curly hair.

Ain't she gorgeous?  Look at those buds, and wait until you see the seed pods.

I'll post those dangerously ornamental and handsome seed pods when they arrive. Hope you're well and smiling.


23 October, 2013

WOYWW No. 229. Two Birthday Cards

Greetings all.

Sorry I have not been to visit many peeps this week. I have had a really busy week with much of it at the desk! Talk about a pig in mud! Forgive my recalcitrance but I've spent more time creating than usual and it's been WONderful.

One little frustration I have is that I can't comment on Google + blogs. I don't want to be enmeshed in the social media. I actually feel a bit narky about the paradox of this social inclusiveness when in fact exclusion and invasion of privacy is the reality. Facebook and Google are taking over the internet world and I just want you to know that if I don't leave a message, this is why.
Karen B, you were one of the folk I wanted say hello to.

Here's the desk and the cards for my two birthday friends.  We're all out for lunch today to celebrate with them at a lovely local restaurant called The Rocks. It looks out over the yacht club, a lovely bay and a shallow beach called Mothers Beach.

And why you ask, would anyone be looking at the desk?  Well it's What On Your Workdesk Wednesday which starts over at Mrs Dunnit's Stamping Ground. Scores of us do it so go see for yourself and enjoy.

The work space: versions of JOFY inspiration, Elizabeth Kimono die, Fresco Finish paint, feature tool this week. Guess.
The feature tool (not that this is a regular thing - but it could be) is the staple remover. It's the best tool for lifting panels placed crookedly, opening stubborn packages, tweaking loose screws and on and on. I've got two or three in different places and would be lost without them.

Birthday card started last week.
A couple of people asked me about Wink of Stella brush pens. I love them to bits and have written to Zig about bringing out refills because they ain't cheap! They are the same as fillable water brushes so it would be easy to fill these, even with a syringe. The brush points are very fine and the glitter is super fine but thick enough to see easily. You can see it in this photo quite well (not that this isn't the skill of the photographer, y'know). The 'ink' in the Wink is water soluble so if I'm really quick, I can blend the colours a bit - shows well in the grass.
I think I must be feeling funny this morning.

Here's my first attempt with the Elizabeth Kimono
Very pleased with this die; it's my first Elizabeth die and works very well. The script is an old Lucy stamp which looks pleasing here. My friend Jill is very elegant so this will suit her well.

Have a great week all.
Miles of smiles,

16 October, 2013

WOYWW No 228. New stamps

Greetings all,

Can't believe it's two months (plus a bit) since I was here on the Wednesday desk-hop. Thanks and thanks for the kind messages from friends - you can't know how much I appreciated your comments. Spring is certainly here and the garden is rioting. It's gorgeous, or gorgemous as my friend Jackie says, which has got to be more extremely gorgeous.

This past week I've been doing the Creative Chemistry 102 on-line course with Tim Holtz. My word, these sessions are well organised and fun to get going with. Another enjoyment has been a couple of shows - Paperific and From Picture to Page which was last weekend. I encountered a great supplier called 'Crafters Cupboard'. These folk are rare birds who import UK stuff to Australia and I was happy to see their wares which I have only seen on friends' blogs and in Craft Stamper until now.

On the desk is the beginnings of a birthday card for my friend Penny using some stamps from a set by Jo Firth-Young.

Apart from the JOFY stamps, the other interest is the Wink of Stella brush pens. Love 'em.

Thought I'd include a photo of the general melee, the cock-pit you might say.

What a riot, but there is more space and better organisation than there was a year ago.

Wizz over to Julia Dunnit to see what this desk-hopping is all about. It's the best fun. 
Dinner calls so I'll flit. Happy thoughts and lots of smiles to all,

12 October, 2013

CC 102 - Day 5 Embossing

This is all about sticky stuff and it's been great fun. Before I continue however, I just want to say thanks for lovely comments from friends old and new.

I'll be brief as it's late-ish and I'm leaving early in the morning for a show - this time it's "From Picture to Page".  Funny to mention it but after this week, I've got a little list.  Fancy that!

From the left: Distress EP, Sticky Powder with glitter, Sticky Powder with gilt leafing
'A to Z' are grunge pieces embossed with Distress of different colours, and the old tree is Distress embossed with tea dye.  It's intended to give the impression of h-e-a-t.

The next is stamped with all the pink/red colours in the DI range then the Sticky Powder and glitter.

The final tag is stamped with embossing ink, Sticky Powder applied and then mixed colours of gold leaf.  I added a band top and bottom with double sided tape and some leaf of a different colour mix. 

After all that glitter and gold leaf, I'm very pleased with my tiny vacuum cleaner. It's supposed to be for dusting computer keyboards although it's been far more useful for ubiquitous stuff like fine pieces of leaf.

It's been such an interesting week, and of course, I haven't done half of the techniques yet. I'm looking forward to completing the rest next week even though the course will be over in this active phase.


11 October, 2013

Friday Smile. A Kings Park Family

Greetings dear friends of the Smiling Champions,

I'm so very happy to join you again. Some of you might have seen that I've been doing the Creative Chemistry 102 with Tim Holtz and it's been such a boost to my creative urge. I'm very impressed with the organisation - good lesson plans, excellent notes and videos, and great forum support. 

A week ago or so, I went to Perth for the marriage of my niece. It's some years since I've seen my family over there, since my Father died in fact, so it was such a delight to be there with them.  I stayed near Kings Park which is an immense area of parkland in central Perth. Oh my, how gorgeous it is with untouched bushland, imaginative playgrounds, restaurants both cafĂ© style and formal, and botanic gardens!!!

Spring is here and the wildflowers are going crazy everywhere but Western Australia is known for its fabulous variety.  I'll post some more pictures but for now, here is one to make you smile.

The Wood Duck Family.
Hope you're all doing well, and content. No doubt it's cooling down in the northern hemisphere.


CC 102 Faux Patina

I've enjoyed playing with my alcohol inks as I have for a long time. They are called for in this Faux Patina Technique.  Seeing that I have no metal findings handy, I've done what I often have in the past and made one using foil and an embossing folder. Really, anything that will go through the Big Shot is fair game.

On this tag are two cog wheels which I fussy-cut with scissors and then doctored with the inks.

What the blazes, you may ask, is the cat food lid doing here?
The foil lid of the cat food tin is a great source of cheap foil. It has a pleasing matt patina of its own whereas the tin itself is shiny foil so both are useful.

The top cog wheel is cut from the inside of the lid which is plain silver. Question for myself:  Tim says that whilst the inks are translucent, the Mixatives are not, so what if I have a go at covering the label?  The second version is cut from the label side just the same as the one in the photo.  I used Rust, Stream, and Butterscotch with Silver. If you want confirmation that the Mixatives are opaque, it's here.

That was fun! And thanks a heap to my mates who left comments.

09 October, 2013

CC-102 Day 2. Layered stencilling.

Day 2 of Creative Chemistry 102 with Tim Holtz.  I'm really enjoying it although I'm up warming to the activity fairly slowly having been away from both my desk and my blog for nearly two months now.

I'll post this class in bits and pieces as I tackle each of the seven techniques related to layering stencils so will take me an age to complete I think.  Hopefully I will manage it but who knows which day it will happen.  :-)

For the mixed media layering, I chose stencils that might make a rainy day composition - some dots in lines, a brass stencil of curly-cues and another brass stencil of umbrellas.

The resist effect of pale blue stencilled Distress Paint shows clearly through the darker Distress Inks.

In addition to the Distress Inks, I swiped some brushed pewter Distress Stain.  
Great course with good lesson plans, clear videos, well presented notes. Love it and glad to be back in blog land, though I still miss my Studio Muse.

14 August, 2013

WOYWW No 219. Thanks from the Heart.

Hello again to my Friends and Followers; a very warm welcome to Jane who is a bit north of here. This strange acronym is a weekly desk-hop starting with Julia Dunnit over at the Stamping Ground.

First of all, thank you deep down to everyone who left such kind comments and care after my post on Sunday about Dixie, my dear cat now departed. Since Monday, it's rained and rained. The skies and I have wept and wondered at the disbelief.  Pumpkin, my little brown tabby cat is so bewildered about this sudden disappearance too; she's restless.

We buried the Girl in a pillow case with flowers from the garden around her - wattle, lavender, rosemary, geraniums.
Today on the desk is the making of a card for the local Vet who came to attend to Dixie. She came to the house and was so very kind to everyone here for which I am deeply thankful. A card is in order, to be delivered tomorrow.

Notice Woody's vantage point, sitting on a toilet roll core to watch me work. Resting that knee!
The card you can see is just a practice run on a piece of scrap card stock. I've used Memory Box dies for the black cat and the flowering vine. The silver embossed cat is also Memory Box - they do great silhouette cat shapes. Making this card was as much a Farewell as it is a Thank you to Camilla.

The finished product.  The photo doesn't do justice to the colours but gives the idea.

The panel is white gold card with squeezed lemonade DI blended around the edges. The vine is die-cut from gloss card coloured with alcohol inks - greens and gold.

Strangely, I feel a bit more settled....

Thank you again,

10 August, 2013

Vale Dixie

My darling Dixie Cat died in my arms an hour ago. How I will miss her - do already but we had a lovely morning together amongst the daffodils. She's 'asleep' in the chair beside me. The vet came to the house thank goodness, and made sure she departed peacefully after we have all struggled with her immune system collapsing bit by bit.

This is the English corner of my garden, taken a year ago but it looks pretty much the same now.

Now I have no office manager, no garden supervisor, and no studio muse. Feeling so glum, but thankful for the last twelve years with this rangy, curious, talkative cat who believed she could fly if only....

"On a clear day, I can see forever...."    What handsome whiskers to match the formal attire.
Dixie, the earth is soft and later on, I'll bury you under the wattle that's in flower, where you loved to sit and just watch.
Love to you my four-footed soul-mate, Ros.

26 July, 2013

Flowers with Love from Woody

Here is the finished card from my Wednesday desk post this week. I'm quite happy with it as a prototype so will have a bash a different colour ways and materials. Thanks for your interest, Wednesday people.

You will notice immediately that my little friend just can't stay out of things in spite of his injury. Bridgit called him Woody which immediately appeals to me, so Woody it is. You'll see more of him no doubt.

Woody keeps an eye on the proceedings.
Sadly the Winter Lime EP doesn't show very well in this photo but the pinky orange, violet and lime are a good colour combination.


Friday Smiles - Last Laugh

Hello Smilers. This week I have found a little cautionary tale that will bring a smirk to your faces. Hope you are well and happy with good weekend plans afoot. I'm having time to do nowt except go to the farmers market on Sunday morning. I might play with Dixie in the garden.

Dixie and Friend in amongst winter flowers - salvias, wall flowers and grevilleas in the background.

I'll go before you read on ;-)  Pop over to Annie for some more Smiles this Friday.

A 65 year old woman had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital. While on the operating table she had a near death experience. Seeing God she asked "Is my time up?"  God said, "No, you have another 33 years, 2 months and 8 days to live." 

Upon recovery, the woman decided to stay in the hospital and have a face-lift, liposuction, breast implants and a tummy tuck. She even had someone come in and change her hair color and brighten her teeth! Since she had so much more time to live, she figured she might as well make the most of it.

After her last operation, she was released from the hospital. While crossing the street on her way home, she was killed by an ambulance. Arriving in front of God, she demanded, "I thought you said I had another 33 years? Why didn't you pull me from out of the path of the ambulance?"

God replied: "Oh My God! I didn't recognize you."

25 July, 2013

WOYWW No 216 ...with Winter Colour

Crikey, I'm late again!  Oh well never mind and I promise not to make it a habit.

Greetings desk-leaping lovelies, friends and followers. This Wednesday game of sharing desks (if you're new to it) starts at the Stamping Ground so hop over there to see if you're inclined.

First I must thank you on behalf of Mannikin for your concern at his rather hyperactive cavorting last time I posted. He did himself something of a mischief I have to tell you, and is seriously restricted at the moment.

Distress Ink seems to have an appropriate place in the photo.
Fortunately, it's only a bad sprain, nothing broken, and he's managing quite well with a neighbour who's a physio and two OTs in the household.  You would think the Doc might have taken the scalpel - not needed for the injury but handy on the art desk!

The desk is finally productive after a creative drought.  The Mojo has been missing and so more and more organising has been a helpful warm-up. I'll post the finished article tomorrow.

L to R:  my much loved Twinks, Hero Arts stamp & die, DRD crackle background.
The background is Distress Stains - old paper, and dried marigold. I added the crackle stamped with tarnished brass stain and then some embossed areas in winter lime. The flowers embossed then die-cut and painted with violet Twinks. I sponged the edges with seedless preserves but that's not shown here. See it in the next post.

Finally, a photo of the cyclamen pots on the kitchen window.  It suits them here as it's the only window in the house that isn't double-glazed, so it gets quite cool here at night.

A little winter colour.  Do you like the old bottles? 
The smallest bottle is a quarter pint cream bottle and the next is a pint milk bottle. The milk used to have waxed cardboard lids and it was delivered to the front doorstep. If it wasn't brought in promptly, the magpies pecked through the wad and drank the cream from the top of the milk. I can just remember the milkman, the baker and the iceman coming around, and the bottle-o collecting empties. 

The tall bottle was found in the mud during post-hole digging on my friend's farm in Western Victoria. It's an old olive oil bottle from my great-grandfather's olive oil company in Adelaide, and the olives moulded into the glass were designed by one of his daughters - my great aunt.

Must flit.  Will do my best to call around to all who call on me at the very least. Happy days.

10 July, 2013

WOYWW No. 214. Finishing things.

Hello Wednesday desk-hoppers.

For new-comers, we are a group of desk addicted folk who share the friendly and often frazzled world of creative desks. It all starts at Mrs Dunnit's Stamping Ground so follow the link if curiosity takes hold of you.

This week I'm finishing some bits and pieces and spreading my work space a little more with small steps of better organisation. And a message for Deeyl - yes I certainly did see your dazzling report of my ATCs and card. Thank you for that. I had quite a few lovely comments which truly gladden my heart.

Better spacing for the iPad, drawers, and quick grab bottles. Close to the camera is a stamp storage folder, my project and gold leaf.  
A few peeps will recall that I taped two craft sheets together to make a larger work area. This didn't work so well because of the thickness of the join right where I apply stamps or use sponges. I re-arranged them with the new one in the centre, and the old one cut in half and taped either side. It's a great improvement.

Close-up of astrology wheel stamp shaded with Pan Pastels.
The sentiment label and little hearts are die-cut from Jac Paper. Multi-coloured gold leaf sticks to one side and then the hearts adhere to the card.

Mannikin leaps WOYWW and bow-maker in a single bound. Notice that hyperextension of the left knee.  Ouch!

Finishing a design from some time ago made with Pan Pastels. Bow-maker used here.
Well that's the Wednesday that was. Hope you have a good week by the time it finishes and enjoy the weekend.


06 July, 2013

Friday Smiles with Annie

Hi all,

Hope your week has been interesting and content.  Mine has been and continues tonight with friends coming round for a cinema night. Not that I have one of those cinema sitting rooms.  I just have a big-ish TV and turn the lights down.

Now here are a couple of smiles.  The first is a light and easy photo of pink gum blossom in my garden. 

The bees love these gum blossoms, too.
Another little smile for the day is this comedy story.  I love double-entendres.

"The world is just getting too complex for me. They even mess me up every time I go to the grocery shop.  You would think they could settle on one thing or another instead of suddenly asking "Paper or plastic?" Every time I check out, it just knocks me for a loop.  I bought some of those cloth reusable bags to avoid looking confused, but I never remember to take them with me.

Now I toss it back to them. When they ask me, "Paper or plastic?" I just say, "Doesn't matter to me. I'm bi-sacksual."  Then it's their turn to stare at me with a blank look."

Have a smiley weekend,

05 July, 2013

WOYWW No 213. ATCs Revealed. Thank you.

Greetings all. I have so enjoyed the last month of acknowledging and celebrating WOYWW-4. From little things, big things grow including sharing and skills, friendships and works of art. Thank you Julia and friends. If you wonder about this sharing of desks, follow this link to the Stamping Ground to learn more.

I've been flat out dealing with end of the financial year and two weeks of virus on the chest. Oh for some preventative red flannel undies! Also had a week's holiday on the south coast of New South Wales (adjoining State to Victoria) which was a joy. Beautiful beaches, interesting history and good friends up there.

On my desk this week were my lovely ATCs received during the last two weeks and left to languish there.  So here they are revealed. Thank you so much to the dear folk who sent these lovely little gifts of art.

I was next on the list after Mary Ann and here is her ATC (top right) printed on canvas or textured card, top stitched, bound with washi tape. Looks great.
I love the card too.  How did you know I like cats?  Thank you so much.

Annie (Wipso) sent me a stitched ATC of course. The panel is a lovely composite of ribbon, rick-rack, embroidery stitching and colours that 'go'.

A sweet sparkly card came with Annie's thoughts about our Special Wednesdays. Thank you Annie. It was fun to arrange a swap.


I also arranged a swap with RosA in Sydney. Thank you for your ATC about Art, Imagination and WOYWW - they certainly all go together.

And I love the little 'Sydney' card that came too. Yes, Julia certainly started something.

I sent a small surprise packet to Jo of JoZart. She has been generous to me before so it was a pleasure to put something in the mail to her.

She sent a great ATC in black and white with a touch of bling - it reminds me a little of zentangles and looks great. She also sent a flutter of tiny butterflies, and some buttons.

Thanks Jo, for a lovely surprise.

I have resisted putting up the ATCs that I designed until they arrived in (most of) their right places. Here is a photo of the selection I made. I think everyone I mailed to received the WOYWW World Wide with the little globe die-cut. The die comes from a packet of three different globes and the stand called "Vintage Globes" and made by Fancy That.

Top: card 'sunset lagoon', and ATC called 'Gotcha'
Bottom:  ATCs 'Heart Garden', 'Silver Paws', and 'WOYWW-4 World Wide'.
A note to explain some silly Aussie humour:  'Gotcha' is about the window scene. On the wire screen there's a splat that used to be a blowfly. The wire screen is a Darkroom Door background stamp and I couldn't resist window idea. The curtains are folded washi tape, and the old Holland blind is a die-cut from Memory Box I think.

This is too late for Wednesday but I just had to get it up and visible no matter what.


28 June, 2013

Friday Smiles and Pumpkin Soup

Hello Smiling Folk.  It's Friday again, and a few of us link in with Wipso for a few end-of-the-week smiles.

Here's a picture to show you that the rogue pumpkin that I posted last month has produced some delicious soup. Very warming.

Isn't it a great colour?
It's sunny here today although quite cold. I love these sunny winter days we've had recently and we had such lovely weather last week during my little holiday in Merimbula as well.  Thus my absence from Blogland.  Mind you, it poured with rain on the way through Gippsland to the south coast of New South Wales and the Brodribb River was a lake.  A few photos of that very soon.
Here's something more to make you smile which came from a friend this week. It's about travelling too.

I have been in many places, but I've never been in Cahoots. Apparently, you can't go alone. You have to be in Cahoots with someone.

I've also never been in Cognito. I hear no one recognises you there.

I have, however, been in Sane. They don't have an airport; you have to be driven there. I have made several trips there, thanks to my friends, family and work.

I would like to go to Conclusions, but you have to jump, and I'm not too much on physical activity anymore.

I have also been in Doubt. That is a sad place to go, and I try not to visit there too often. I've been in Flexible, but only when it was very important to stand firm.

Sometimes I'm in Capable, and I go there more often as I'm getting older.

One of my favourite places to be is in Suspense! It really gets the adrenalin flowing and pumps up the old heart! At my age I need all the stimuli I can get!

I may have been in Continent, but I don't remember what country I was in; maybe I was in Discreet! It's an age thing, you know.
Hope you enjoyed this - I think it's quite clever.

Have a lovely weekend.

15 June, 2013

Smiley Friday.

Hello Smilers all,

I'm not quite on death's door.  Caught a very unpleasant bug that has given me nearly two weeks with barking dog for a throat, and an elephant sitting on my chest.  It's nearly gone, and I'm dopey with the post viral lethargy. 

Anyway, he's a little funny story to make us all smile...  You can find more of them at Wipso's spot.

The old lady was very upset because her beloved husband, Albert had just passed away.  She went to the undertaker's to have one last look at her dear departed husband. The instant she saw him, she started to cry.

One of the undertakers approached the old lady to provide comfort in the sombre moment. Through her tears, she explained that she was upset because her dearest Albert was wearing a black suit, and it was his dying wish to be buried in a blue suit.

The undertaker apologised, and explained that traditionally, they always put the bodies in a black suit, but he would see what he could arrange.

The next day she returned to the undertaker's to have one last moment with Albert before his funeral the following day. When the undertaker pulled back the curtain, she managed to smile through her tears, as Albert was resplendent in a smart blue suit.

She said to the undertaker, "Wonderful, wonderful, but where did you get the beautiful blue suit?"
"Well yesterday afternoon, just after you left, a man about your husband's size was brought in and was wearing a blue suit.  His wife explained that she was very upset as he had always wanted to buried in a black suit." the undertaker replied.

The old lady smiles at the man.  He continued, "After that, it was simple a matter of swapping the heads... ".

Oh crikey;-)    Have a lovely weekend.

29 May, 2013

WOYWW No. 208. New Craftsheet to Celebrate Four Years

Well, four years of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. What a brill idea, Julia. I'm drinking champagne tonight, FOUR SURE!

Greetings to all friends, follows, and other groupies who happen upon this weekly desk fest courtesy of our Stamping Ground Mother, Julia Dunnit. Pop over to have a look.

This week I want to share a completed card and three little vignettes. Firstly, the end result of last week's progress picture of 'By the Sea' is here. I will put an appropriate greeting/sentiment in the top left corner when I give it away.

Next, you can see the evening calm before the storm. All is well in the land of pre-dinner noggins and a teacup of chips. The latter is very portable, and a good way to set limits on consuming a most more-ish nibble.

There are a couple of ATC hints here.
This photo was taken this morning showing the end of the WOYWW-4 ATC creative flurry.

Not much to say really except perhaps "Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgh".
Finally, this photo shows a clean desk and the new craft sheet to celebrate the approach of the fifth year of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. In fact, I have two craft sheets which I purchased at Paperific for an excellent price. I have them taped together to stop the sprays marking the desk either side.

Open Space. I might need a Map of the Desk or a navigation aid now. At least there is a coffee station.
I love fresh starts so here goes. I'll be round to all my callers and as many more as I can manage.

Happy WOYWW anniversary, and looking forward to seeing the ATCs as they arrive in peoples' letterboxes.

Miles of Smiles,