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23 January, 2013

WOYWW No. 190. On The Gelli "Roll" (was that a dance?)

Greetings dear WOYWW folk and followers. I have been recalcitrant. AWOL last week and not calling around to people I want to visit. Big regrets about that but then .... Here l am again.

What a strange January we are having weather-wise in the south (of Oz). We've had some really lovely days like today, a most pleasant 25C or so with balmy breezes and lots of sunshine. Bliss on a stick, especially with the lower night temperatures that cool the house.

Tomorrow it will be flaming bloody hot again, with not much relief overnight which I really hate - sleep is fitful. We watch for fires, hope everyone is safe, send best wishes to the fire-fighters and attend our own local Country Fire Authority and Municipal briefings.

Onto the business of the desk - I learned about printing with a Gelli Plate. I know that printing with a gelatine plate is not new and even found a recipe for making one's own. This Gelli Plate is made with some kind of silicone impregnated with mineral oil to keep it moist and pliable, and probably to give it water repellent properties.

Of course I wanted to know more so found an art & quilting shop in Canberra where they sell Gellies on-line. They sent it along very quickly and here are some of the first prints from this morning's efforts.

Here is the first run, with the packet label sitting on top of the plate.
First observations:
  1. Don't use too much paint. Everything gets cloggy and the colours are lost in the soup.
  2. Press firmly and smoothly across the whole print area so as to make a complete print.
  3. Don't get so carried away that you forget to clean the brayer until thinking about it at 4 a.m.
This is an amateur effort but I'll be doing lots more. If you're interested, there are some very good videos on YouTube about this printing. Here are my Journal notes about what I did as well.

Journal page and the stencils that I used.
This Gelli plate is great fun, and so is the desk hopping that a large group of us indulge in on Wednesdays. If you are curious, follow this link to Julia's Stamping Ground and enjoy the journey!


A 40th Anniversary Card

My good friends had a lovely 40th Anniversary party last weekend. No presents but I had to make a card and my inspiration came when putting some recently purchased dies into my inventory book. Hearts of course!

Anniversary card - 40 years lived well.

The background is creamy lemon hand-made paper with leaves and petals in it. Two edges are torn and two are guilded with my fave Krylon leaf pen. The hearts are from Memory Box and the reversed solid and filigree was done with matt black and metallic gold card. Neat glue job, if I say so myself.

Saw my friend at morning coffee this morning and she said how much she liked it. I'm happy.

Miles of smiles,

Daylesford Singers Festival

We had a great time!! This Singers Festival is an annual event in an old township north-west of Melbourne. Anything can happen... This year I arrived and my friend Pam said "I haven't unpacked yet because we're waiting to see whether the fires (40 Km away) change direction." Oh, great start.

My friend Pam is on the right. Yes, the one in the cap is me.

Two years ago, there were floods. I went early on Thursday and drove through some creeks over the road. Others coming up on the Friday had to take big detours, some even coming through Castlemaine. That means going well north in order to come south to Daylesford.

There are lots of international musicians invited to give workshops and perform in a Showcase Concert at the Town Hall. That's a treat. Then the workshops take place in venues all around the town - Girl Guides Hall, Community Centre, churches, Freemasons and so on. The guest artists teach music from their own country of origin or teach as aspect of music - this year there was a song-writing stream.

Here is the Gospel Workshop group singing with Dani. Notice the iPad on the floor? Everything she needs is there.
At the end of the weekend, all the workshop items are performed in the final concert along with the Kids' Program musical creations. Somewhere in all this, the choirs who have registered as groups have their concert as well. The two hours to drive home is welome time to reflect on everything.

Miles of smiles, and happy singing in the shower to you,

09 January, 2013

WOYWW No. 188. A birthday Card

Edit: Thank you so much to everyone who gave me html advice. As you can see, it's worked.

Greetings fellow WOYWWers. It's hot one day and cool the next around here but I won't complain since I'm relieved to have some respite from the heat. People inland are not having such luck. Our lovely island State of Tasmania has been alight this week and so are our neighbours in New South Wales. Thinking of you all.

The business of this post is about desks - what's on mine, what's on yours if you've connected with the team at Julia's Stamping Ground.

Today - this week really, has been a design week with lots of trial and error. I have been wanting to try some Kraft card that I bought at Picture to Page late last year. Every sort of ink behaved differently from its usual fashion. Here's the desk...

You can see.... at long last, thanks to the advice of many friends of WOYWW the card in the centre surrounded with various inks, tools and stamps used in the card.

And here's the final result. I'm not sure that it's the most final outcome, as I can see many more iterations to experiment with, but it will do for a start.  I used the Mica stamp pad for one fern leaf and Marvy for the other leaf in a stronger green. The dragonfly is stamped in Encore silver and embossed with Liquid Platinum. I used a die for the greeting label and attached with jute string. The card for the panel comes from a series of colours called Outback. They all have a mottled look. The little die-cut dragonfly is cut twice to select two different colours for the wings. The card stock is an acid free chip board which is quite heavy, probably more than 300gsm. I stamped twigs and ferns off the card.

News is that I'm off to the Daylesford Singers Festival this weekend which will be great fun. My choir is in the Saturday night concert, and there will be lots of workshop to attend. More on that early next week.

Feeling very prickly with this post, dear desk-hoppers. Please bear with me.

Ros with hugs.

03 January, 2013

WOYWW No 187. Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all. It's 2nd January already and I have new energy for a different tilt at the year. The last one hasn't been so wonderful but I'm glad to report that the pipe-burst has been repaired after three and a half weeks without hot water. (Small groan here then bright smile at the prospect of a shower in my own bathroom.) A friend sent me a text asking when the Hot Water Party was to be. Not a bad idea.

Edit: I forgot to mention that this whole 'What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday' caper starts over at the Stamping Ground with Julia Dunnit. A small international crowd of us look around each others desks and studios, marvelling at the creative spirit, new ideas, and wondrous muddle.

The studio is in great need of a fresh start and it will give me much pleasure to mess about in there, a different version of 'pig in mud' happiness.

Everything is left over from a task. I even have the 500g weight for glue jobs.
Just a little note from the garden which is still green but starting to brown in the heat a bit. We notice how much drier the soil is now. I found a little visitor inside the house the other day. He is quite the most beautiful skink I've seen in ages with a long tail and lovely shiny markings. I think he was scared witless about being handled by a monster and was glad to scuttle away under cover but he didn't shed his tail thank goodness. That is their clever, if somewhat disfiguring getaway strategy.

Isn't he perfect? And so small.
Last night when I drove home from choir practice, a Tawny Frogmouth was sitting on the letterbox. We both got such a surprise and of course he was quite dazzled, being a night hunter. This morning I found a gift from him.

A perfect feather from the Tawny left on my driveway.
I hope 2013 treats us all kindly, and that we all have enough of what we need, that we are well enough, happy enough, wise enough to have plain sailing.

A year of smiles to all,