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23 January, 2013

Daylesford Singers Festival

We had a great time!! This Singers Festival is an annual event in an old township north-west of Melbourne. Anything can happen... This year I arrived and my friend Pam said "I haven't unpacked yet because we're waiting to see whether the fires (40 Km away) change direction." Oh, great start.

My friend Pam is on the right. Yes, the one in the cap is me.

Two years ago, there were floods. I went early on Thursday and drove through some creeks over the road. Others coming up on the Friday had to take big detours, some even coming through Castlemaine. That means going well north in order to come south to Daylesford.

There are lots of international musicians invited to give workshops and perform in a Showcase Concert at the Town Hall. That's a treat. Then the workshops take place in venues all around the town - Girl Guides Hall, Community Centre, churches, Freemasons and so on. The guest artists teach music from their own country of origin or teach as aspect of music - this year there was a song-writing stream.

Here is the Gospel Workshop group singing with Dani. Notice the iPad on the floor? Everything she needs is there.
At the end of the weekend, all the workshop items are performed in the final concert along with the Kids' Program musical creations. Somewhere in all this, the choirs who have registered as groups have their concert as well. The two hours to drive home is welome time to reflect on everything.

Miles of smiles, and happy singing in the shower to you,


JoZart said...

Oh, joy, I wish I'd shared this live!
Jo x

Sandy said...

Looks like fun.. Daylesford is a favourite destination love the markets and great browsing the shops..
Sandy :)

Sue said...

I just love, love your hat:)