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03 January, 2013

WOYWW No 187. Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all. It's 2nd January already and I have new energy for a different tilt at the year. The last one hasn't been so wonderful but I'm glad to report that the pipe-burst has been repaired after three and a half weeks without hot water. (Small groan here then bright smile at the prospect of a shower in my own bathroom.) A friend sent me a text asking when the Hot Water Party was to be. Not a bad idea.

Edit: I forgot to mention that this whole 'What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday' caper starts over at the Stamping Ground with Julia Dunnit. A small international crowd of us look around each others desks and studios, marvelling at the creative spirit, new ideas, and wondrous muddle.

The studio is in great need of a fresh start and it will give me much pleasure to mess about in there, a different version of 'pig in mud' happiness.

Everything is left over from a task. I even have the 500g weight for glue jobs.
Just a little note from the garden which is still green but starting to brown in the heat a bit. We notice how much drier the soil is now. I found a little visitor inside the house the other day. He is quite the most beautiful skink I've seen in ages with a long tail and lovely shiny markings. I think he was scared witless about being handled by a monster and was glad to scuttle away under cover but he didn't shed his tail thank goodness. That is their clever, if somewhat disfiguring getaway strategy.

Isn't he perfect? And so small.
Last night when I drove home from choir practice, a Tawny Frogmouth was sitting on the letterbox. We both got such a surprise and of course he was quite dazzled, being a night hunter. This morning I found a gift from him.

A perfect feather from the Tawny left on my driveway.
I hope 2013 treats us all kindly, and that we all have enough of what we need, that we are well enough, happy enough, wise enough to have plain sailing.

A year of smiles to all,


Buttons said...

Happy New Year to you Ros. Remember, 'Things can only get better' and I for one hope you have a fantastic 2013 with your new bathroom. Hugs, Jenny #47

EELS said...

Hiya Ros, Yes I hope this new year is kind to us all and everyone enjoys good health, I think that's the most important thing really.
Good luck with the sorting of the studio and stay cool baby (heard it's mega hot down there this week).
Cheeful crafties
Elaine #30

EELS said...

I'm back again Ros and have to say the cute little skink is gorgeous and so glad he didn't shed his tail that freaks me out when it wriggles all on it's own! The ones we get here are very pale and very fast, too difficult to catch them.
Elaine #30

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Happy New Year Ros, may it be filled with fun, friendship and good health!
I'm so glad your pipes problem is fixed, that's a long time to be without hot water :( Loved the pics of the skink and tawny frogmouth, both of whom I remember encountering when I visited Australia a few years back. It was so interesting how your everyday, common wildlife is so different to ours. big are they????
I have really enjoyed our banter over the past year, long may it continue :)
Hugs, LLJ 31 xxxx

Buttons said...

Back again too to see the photos (you temptress!!) - loving your wildlife shots as I've never seen a real skink and you need to work out a way of using that fab feather in your work:) Love the idea of being a pig in mud in the craftroom. That is exactly how it feels. 2013 is definitely going to be a great year. Hugs, Jenny xx

Redanne said...

Hi Ros, that little skink is gorgeous, so glad too, he did not shed his tail. Lovely gift from the bird too. Thanks for your visit, glad you visited Chris's blog too, she is quite an artist if you look back at her canvas work. Wishing you a very Happy New Year and hope that 2013 is a good one for you! Hugs, Anne x #7

Helen said...

I was thinking like LLJ too, how different our wildlife is here... thanks for snapping the pics to show us! Helen, 4

Francesca said...

Lucky you to have the wildlife up close and personal. Great desk. Francesca #50

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, so glad you have hot water again -- that was a long time to be without it. I'm intrigued by the tiny little painting/ATC in the upper left -- it looks like tiny little houses, perhaps? Thanks for the pictures of your wildlife encounters. We're piled with snow here, so the contrast is fun. ~ Laura #79

MaggieC said...

Happy New Year to you Ros, and we are all very jealous of your weather over there. We are drowning over here, the ground cannot take any more and all the rivers are full and overflowing. Hopefully, we might get a bit more sun this year to balance it out. It is good to get back to blogging and crafting, and you will be pleased to know that the Borrowers have returned my camera cable - just the foiling kit to find now. xx Maggie #45

Shoshi said...

Love the photos on your post, Ros. Funny to think of you enjoying warm sunshine in January while we suffer the wet rigours of a UK winter! The little skink is adorable, and what a beautiful feather.

I forgot all about WOYWW this week - completely out of any sort of routine I might have had before!

Have a great year, with plenty of creativity and inspiration.


JoZart said...

Happy 2013 Ros.. hope it's a great year with enough of everything.
Especially hot running water eh?
Super photos and interesting characters there. I've never heard of those critters before!
Lots of love jo x

Shoshi said...

Hi Ros and thanks for the great comment. I am So Glad to hear you've got hot water again! What a nightmare it must have been. Why do these things always have to go wrong when anybody capable of fixing it is on holiday for 3 weeks??? Grrrr!!!! Anyway, glad the camping experience is at an end. Let's hope for better things all round now we've started a new year!


Shazsilverwolf said...

Great pics, I love finding beautiful feathers from the birds, though ours are rarely as lovely as yours.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #41

KatzElbows said...

Tank you so much for stopping by. Your comment was so beautiful, a poem on my blog. Thank you. I don't have anything lyrical to say to you, just hello and your desk looks great, a place to play and create. I hope by now you've had a fabulous shower!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Rachel #6

April Story said...

Happy New Year. Thank you for sharing the garden news - I love hearing and seeing about the wildlife in other's areas.
April #133

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hullo there Ros, ah the heat and dry down there you are really feeling it no doubt I am so blessed where I live being near the sea and the north east coast of NSW means quite pleasant temps most of the year.. not severe extremes like you can get down there.
Re tawny frogmouth, we also get occasional feather here too and have seen them as well here is card I made using mine on the post down below.
Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #20

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

PS meant also to say we often have the skinks inside too fell quite concerned for them, sometimes, love Shaz.xx:D

Michele's Scrapy Creations said...

wonderful peek at your desk! glad you got your hot water back.

Happy WYOWW, Michele #128!