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20 February, 2013

WOYWW No. 194. Got my Badge!

Look what arrived in the post this week. Thank You Julia. I am now a proud WOYWW badge wearer at the Papercraft Expo in 10 days time.

Woo-hoo. Time to dance around the desk.

Otherwise, an idea that's been basking in the larder of my brain for a while is taking shape. It's another butterfly (see Butterfly post) but this time with a more scientific theme after I went to see an art exhibition of natural sciences illustration. Accordingly, here is a story in pictures this week.

The general works view including the cup of tea getting cooler and cooler.

The vellum butterfly is embossed at the back. Use the larger ball for this so that the paper is not perforated.

Notice how the colours are accentuated by the white bruised vellum and the contour has the wing standing off the page.

Here is the butterfly wing with tape behind the body and foam dots on the wing.

The final prototype. The real thing for cards will be on fine paper and matted somehow.... 
Maybe I'll add a tiny butterfly or two and a sentiment space. This has been fun to do - maybe there could be a different version with some masking. That larder in my head has lots of shelves in it today.

This desk snoop starts with Julia Dunnit over at the Stamping Ground. More than 150 people start there and anyone can join us so go and check out these marvy desks if it's new to you.

Miles of smiles to all my lovely followers, and visitors. Have a great week.

17 February, 2013


I made this card for a friend who lost her Mother recently. I like to contemplate the person for whom I am designing and making a special card. Somehow it's focused time without clocks just for that person and I hope she likes this one.

I'm very keen on Twinkling H2O colours on vellum recently, especially after embossing the back with a stylus to bruise the vellum. This makes it white on the back and the Twinks really jump off the paper.

Butterflies on watercolour paper
On watercolour paper, and using the mini mister I made up recently with DI mustard seed and Perfect Pearls sunflower sparkle I sprayed the paper until it was flooded. With various flicks of the wrist and dabbing with paper towel roll, I reached a point of being satisfied, then added a very fine spritz of salty ocean - subtle!! 

I stamped 'Butterfly Formation' by Stamp-It with Archival Black, then just the large butterfly on vellum with Versamark. After embossing it with fine gold, I cut it out and coloured it. When dry, it was embossed on the back and attached with D-S tape and sponge knobs to keep the contours. I added some detail to the other butterflies with a gold pen, and a Krylon gold leaf border, then matted with metallic blue card.

Hope you enjoyed this little walk-through. Do let me know of you come by.

St Valentine's Day card

I made a card for St Val's Day with a little difference. I decided to go lightly with the hearts but stay with the pink and green heart colours with a touch of garden.

Small hearts with a touch of the garden.

The panel is matt card sponged with DI spun sugar for a pale pink, then randomly stamped the hearts which are four different ones from an old Hero Arts set. They were clear embossed and then more colour blending with victorian velvet. For the die-cut, I used Memory Box 'Honeyblossom Sprig' on some old photo paper coloured with worn lipstick, mowed lawn and pine needles. The negative from the die-cut was used to stencil the ghost of the leaves and then the die-cut adhered. The little green heart is covered in tiny pink die-cut flowers using Memory Box 'Floral Delights'.
There you have my St Val's effort. I'll play with this some more using different colour schemes and embossed backgrounds.
Happy creating.

14 February, 2013

WOYWW No 193. Maintenance... not quite arty

Hello dear WOYWW desk-hoppers. This week I've been up to town, been to a wedding, watered a somewhat stressed garden, and done quite a bit of bookkeeping. Oh how very boring, the bookkeeping, that is. The evening is just glorious, balmy with a slender crescent moon in a black sky. Being out of the city is surely five million star accommodation.

Even in the studio this week, I have some job-ettes to do like reinking stamp pads, preparing a wish list for the Papercraft Expo, and designing cards for St Val's Day.

The reinkers on the left and the ink pads at the back are done! There are plenty more to be done.
The label-maker is handy for some new inks that I bought last week. And can you imagine why I would have a mutilated roll-on deoderant on the desk? It's behind the reinkers on the left. 

A mixture of toys - ping-pong balls and deoderant balls coloured with alcohol inks. 

These are the favourite toys of my cats. The walnuts are very old and rattle most satisfactorily. The ping-pong balls are yellow and variegated and the others of two sizes are from deoderants. All the balls bounce beautifully on the tiled floors - they also get stuck under couches, chairs, cabinets which requires periodic search and retrieve.

Not very arty this week, but what you see is what you get. :-) 

Now if you're wondering what this desk business is about, follow the link to Julia Dunnit's blog to find nearly 200 desks to visit.

Warm wishes to my fellow desk-owners, followers and kind visitors. I love your comments and will call in to as many people as I can.

10 February, 2013

A Wedding Card

Hearts are in demand for anniversaries, weddings and St Valentine's Day just at the moment. Here is the wedding card I made yesterday morning after cogitating about the right colour scheme for a day or so beforehand. As the bride was wearing pink, and the groom pink and burgundy with a gray suit (had my ear to the ground for those details), pink had to be the theme.

I used the Memory Box hearts again, the solid one in silver and the filigree in deep pink which matches the B & G.  The bow-maker was handy for the white bow, and the whole assembly was mounted on pale pink handmade paper bordered on three sides with Krylon silver leaf pen. It was then matted with my favourite Pearla metallic card.

It needed a touch of something. I punched some tiny flowers to relieve the leaf in the handmade paper then... what?  Thank goodness for a small bling stash in which I found some tiny clear and dark pink crystals for the tiny flowers and a few on the filigree heart. They're a bit hard to see in the photo.

Happy days,

06 February, 2013

WOYWW No. 192.

Greetings and g'day to WOYWW Desk-leapers Supreme (stolen from The Goons). It will be hot again today so the house is closed and the outside blinds are down to keep the place cool. It's been good to have a break from the heat with lovely days for sitting on the beach and the garden recovering with a few millimetres of rain last week. The fires are still burning in the highlands so I just hope there aren't hot northerlies coming that fan them to ferocity.

Did you know that Wednesdays only come around every fortnight during January?  True dinkum. But this month, everything is back to normal and Wednesday Workdesks are weekly again. ;-) 
This desk-hopping starts with the good Mrs Dunnit so follow the link to satisfy your curiosity or your eagerness to see the weekly work on desks.

Here is the desk part way through choosing matts for the work I did yesterday on Masking and Blending with the spider's web stamp. I love the different colours available in Perla metallic card which makes beautiful matts. I choosing the right colour to give great strength to the art work, and am constantly amazed at how the wrong shade makes the work flat.

I really thought I had created some better organisation after the red buckets went for a Burton off the back of the desk!
You can see in the top left corner, some nice boxes made of bamboo. They are really cutlery organisers, however they are great for fencing recalcitrant bottles and card scraps that roam around the desk. Then there are the red buckets which hold all sorts of pens, brushes, and scissors. And the shallow drawers that keep tweezers, fine brushes, craft knives, emery boards (to remove whiskers from die-cuts) and so on.

Well, so much for creating more space. Everything encroaches as I use more tools and materials until I can hardly move without clearing the decks. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I've had a wonderful two days in my studio!

See you round the traps dear WOYWW friends.
Smiles to fill your week,

05 February, 2013

Mask and Blend...and some Kraft.

I had a couple of 'Thank You' cards to make and decided to make a series of cards using a Memory Box stamp of a spider's web. It's a fine line stamp which I thought would be great with masked and blended backgrounds after the style of Heather Telford.

Memory Box stamp "Web and Willows"
This mask is one I cut by hand and have used before. The blended colour is Distress Inks and the matt is a Perla metallic card in dark green. I did a few of these, some stamped with just Indian Ink black and a couple embossed with Judikins Granite EP. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the embossing gives just a hint of glitter as on a dewy morning.

Habitat tree on a hot day!
This is done with the same mask and a stamp called 'Broken Tree' by Stamp-It. I combined some mustard seed DI with Sunflower Sparkle Perfect Pearls to create a mist. It could be a finer spray but at least you can see it in the picture. The matt is more Perla metallic card in a yellow gold.

Here's a little info about these old trees. I like to call this stamp Habitat Tree because these old trees are very precious.  It's taken us a couple of centuries to work out that 60% of our birds and 40% of our fauna live in tree hollows. It can take 50 to 100 years to make these homes for all these flying and hopping folk, so it's important not to just clear them and burn them for firewood. In the Western District of Victoria there are signs along the roads saying that dead trees are protected for the Red-tailed Black Cockatoos which are threatened for want of habitat trees.

More sponging with different masking.
This time I used torn paper, sticky notes and both sides of a punched semi-circle for masking a sunrise for my Habitat Tree. The panel is mounted on Kraft card stock and lines drawn with white pen. Julia, I think your Kraft Kraze must be catching.

Thanks for looking in everyone - I do enjoy your comments.