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14 February, 2013

WOYWW No 193. Maintenance... not quite arty

Hello dear WOYWW desk-hoppers. This week I've been up to town, been to a wedding, watered a somewhat stressed garden, and done quite a bit of bookkeeping. Oh how very boring, the bookkeeping, that is. The evening is just glorious, balmy with a slender crescent moon in a black sky. Being out of the city is surely five million star accommodation.

Even in the studio this week, I have some job-ettes to do like reinking stamp pads, preparing a wish list for the Papercraft Expo, and designing cards for St Val's Day.

The reinkers on the left and the ink pads at the back are done! There are plenty more to be done.
The label-maker is handy for some new inks that I bought last week. And can you imagine why I would have a mutilated roll-on deoderant on the desk? It's behind the reinkers on the left. 

A mixture of toys - ping-pong balls and deoderant balls coloured with alcohol inks. 

These are the favourite toys of my cats. The walnuts are very old and rattle most satisfactorily. The ping-pong balls are yellow and variegated and the others of two sizes are from deoderants. All the balls bounce beautifully on the tiled floors - they also get stuck under couches, chairs, cabinets which requires periodic search and retrieve.

Not very arty this week, but what you see is what you get. :-) 

Now if you're wondering what this desk business is about, follow the link to Julia Dunnit's blog to find nearly 200 desks to visit.

Warm wishes to my fellow desk-owners, followers and kind visitors. I love your comments and will call in to as many people as I can.


RosA said...

Hi Ros,
No WOYWW for me this week, but just dropping by. You are SO organised! I got my labelmaker out to make labels for some pencil cases the other day, very creative, eh?
Are the alcohol inks ok for the kitties? (I suppose they must be or you wouldn't be using them.)

I am currently "making" a lazy susan organiser, inspired by yours, which I admired some time ago. (I know, I can get one at Howard's but I already had the lazy susan part.) All will be revealed shortly.
Have a good week.

EELS said...

Hello Ros,
love looking at your desk with all the ink pads there. I bought some new ones last week but the storage tower I made is full so I have to make an addition to join onto it. I also like my label maker, very handy for lots of things.
Not joining in woyww this week as there is absolutely nothing going on here right now.
Happy crafting,

Carole M. said...

Hi Ros' I'm imagining your lovely star-lit skies; love the serenity of out of towners. I'm also wondering how on earth you get the rollers out of the deodorants? Just a good hammer-strike on the container will pop it out maybe?

Heather Alger said...

Such a lovely collection of Inks and I am Intrigued if the balls are for an arty project? rolled across paper etc :0) Happy WOYWW Heather # 62

Ann B said...

I labelled some of my Distress Inks the other week and inked the label as I hate rooting through to find the colour I need.
Love that rainbow pile of ink pads on the right, so pretty.

This is my second attempt to get round a few more desks - starting at the end of the list this time and hopping forward.
Ann B

Sue said...

A wedding, how romantic and you make your abode sound very wonderful. Your cat/ cats are so fortunate to have toys. My cat must think I am really mean as he has no toys. He just destroys the furniture. We have had a mild day today and I have been tidying the garden. So cold again tonight we have a log fire roaring in the grate.


Robin Spitzer said...

wozzers, look at those inks! You have quite a collection there!

I am guessing you take the ball of the deodorant to make the toys?

I am with Carol, how in the heck did you get that ball out of there?

Hope you have a lovely Valentines day,

Hugs, Robin !07

jill said...

Hope you've sorted out your things now , happy woyww & have a good weekend. jill #45

505whimsygirl said...

Tee hee. I didn't notice the deodorant roller until you mentioned it! I was overcome by your selection of inks!!!

Kay #125

Darnell J Knauss said...

That was a fun visit! I haven't cats, but think the various ideas for cat toys is nothing short of brilliant!

I have a question for you, since you are a reinking expert. How does one know how much reinker to reink when reinking? Seriously. Do you have to do a bit and then take the time to stamp off until you have it right? I suppose, huh? But if there is some kind of drop number or formula to make it easier, I'd love to know. Thanks, Ros!

Sorry I'm so late getting round (as usual!) Hope you had a HVD!
Darnell #46

Julia Dunnit said...

We've had a star lit night too...excepy, clear skies and a handful of stars means the temperature is below freezing again. Ach!! Am mightily impressed by your re-inking session, and have gone all nostalgic over the MArvy ink word I used to have every pen and matching ink they're hardly available here.

April Story said...

Cute cat toys. We used to throw the rings from tops of gallon milk jugs and the cats loved playing with them. April #119

April Story said...

The pink machine on my desk is my pink Cricut. April #119

Cazzy said...

Thanks Ros, that is a great idea, I wonder if my Mum's cat would like some. I just need to find those balls now!

Cazzy x