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28 March, 2013

Bookmarks with Finishing Touches

Today I put the finishing touches to the bookmarks I was playing with on Wednesday. So, these extra bits and pieces were:
  • glue the whole onto 100gsm paper to give some extra weight and to hide the inky mess on the back,
  • cut the bookmarks to size,
  • stamp with DRD string sentiment,
  • use a fancy punch to make holes for the tassels,
  • round the corners,
  • add white tassels.

I think these are a good prototype for bookmarks to put with book-ish gifts, add to cards as an embellishment or just use as a gift tag.

Have a great weekend. We are having rain - hip hip hooray. Everything in the garden is looking green and perky again.


27 March, 2013

WOYWW No. 199 Bookmarks

Greetings all. Lovely to welcome by followers and friends to my little corner of the Wednesday desk hop which starts over at Julia's Stamping Ground. Everyone is welcome to join in with or without a post.

We're just past the autumn equinox and last night the moon was full and beautiful. I took a picture as it was rising through the dead branches of a gum tree which we leave there for bird perching. They love it. At three o'clock this morning I was up and wandering through the garden in the creamy silver light. Magic.

The owl and the pussycat danced by the light of the moon and who would wonder!
There was a mopoke owl but the pussycats were inside.
Then this morning, with the promise of another hot day, I decided to give the rhubarb patch a little help. The cooler days have helped it so much that I thought some unbrellas would be good to keep it shaded and cool. Whilst watering some of the treasures along the lower path, I cut some bracken to so the job for the rhubarb. It looks very quaint but works well.

The Rhubarb umbrellas!  You can see some of the leaves are burnt but the bracken does a nice shady job.
On the desk this week, I decided to experiment with making some bookmarks. I chose the Judikins boleo stamps which has four different Australian flora panels on it. Choosing the Callistemon, I stamped and white embossed it then blended the greens starting with the lightest colour.

I worked on A5 stampers card.
Using progressively darker colours, I created patterns around the white embossing then ironed the embossing powder away. Continuing the process, I added some more stamped patterns in a dark green for contrast.

I will now decide how I what sentiments will be added, perhaps punch decorative corners, and add a tassel. I think I'll also apply each one to a backing sheet for extra thickness and to hide the inky mess.

Enjoy your week and Easter celebrations
if that is in your calender.
Miles of Smiles,

22 March, 2013

On Paws of Silver

I had an idea, a politically incorrect idea in this country however one that is part of the romance of  that lovely poem by Walter de la Mare called "Silver". The idea of adventuring independently by moonlight has some appeal so of I went with my white on black theme.

Paws of Silver is cut with a Memory Box die.

I used similar sponging techniques as in my WOYWW post on Wednesday but the moon and clouds are a StampScape stamp which I've smudged a bit, and I also added some high-lights with a white gel pen. The panel is matted on a very light silver metallic card, and here's a little surprise - I've put the beginning of the 'story' on the back.

Another Memory Box die. I think they have cat shapes exactly right.
I made it into a card but perhaps it could be canvas or go in my art journal with a fold out piece. Mmm.  Food for thought. Hope you enjoy your weekend.

Miles of smiles,

A little footnote:  there are people in Australia (elsewhere too?) who love to hate cats. They talk about how evil they are when they escape, go feral, and kill our vulnerable wild life in droves. All this is true except that it's the humans who mismanage them!!!  On this subject, I'm happy to decry the irresponsible humans. 

20 March, 2013

WOYWW No 198. Stormy Night

Hello again dear WOYWW friends and followers. We've had a wonderful break from the heat complete with about 20mm rain. Oh frabjous day, callooh, callay! (with apologies to Lewis Carroll). It's warm again today and I'm just about to take pre-dinner nibbles down to the beach which is like a mirror. If you're more interested in exploring desks, do visit The Stamping Ground where it all starts every Wednesday. Off you go! 

I was very taken with a card that Heather Telford created, and have thought much about how something similar would look in reverse colour as though a film negative. Using VersaMagic Cloud White, I had a little play with sponging, masking and some picture stamps on black paper.

Ghostly tree in moonscape.
From left to right you can see the stamp positioner (I restamped the tree for stronger white), tree stamp, VersaMagic, StampScape stamps - clouds, fences, torn paper for sponging, white pen for high-lights yet to come. The StazOn was not used this time.

There is more to tinker with but I'm reasonably content with this first effort.  Thank you Heather for your inspiration and teaching.

Miles of smiles to all,

19 March, 2013

Cupcakes Completed

A quick post to show the cupcakes cards that I started last week. For those who follow the Wednesday desk-capade, I hope you like the outcome.

The red theme.
The masking was easy even though it looks a complicated stamp, however it was only necessary to make three little masks to protect the plates and contents. the plain lines are just stamped over with the background.

I was not too sure about the yellow/rust theme but some Twinks and the Krylon gold leaf pen gave it a lift. I really like using Darkroon Door 'string sentiments' especially in the square card format.

The yellow theme.
The cupcakes are a cling stamp from Stampendous and in both cards, are embossed with black Fine Detail powder from Judikins.


13 March, 2013

WOYWW No 197. Cupcakes and Gingham

Greetings all.

Oh  my goodness, how wonderful is the cool 25 degrees we had today. I think we've had nine days over 30 degrees just this month and this is supposed to be the temperate south.  I thoroughly enjoyed the comfortable temperature both inside and outside the house today, and working at the desk was such a pleasure.

I began a family birthday card today, determined to use one or two of last week's purchases. The main thing was the Darkroom Door background stamp called 'plaid' but it reminds me of gingham table cloths which were a bit kitch in the 60's!  I had in mind to combine it with a cup cake stand as a bit of vintage amusement. Tell me what you think. 

Centre stage is the panel matted on deep pink metallic card.
I think it's quite cute in a retro fashion. I stamped the cup cakes with Versamark and embossed with fine detail black.  I masked the cake plates - you can see the little masks on the right just above the stamp. The colouring is done with a clean brush lifting colour from the Distress Markers. I cut the panel with Spellbinders deckled edge die. The plain version is embossed on watercolour paper, and I will colour that with Twinks.

Of course this desk business is all about What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, and since that's today, visit The Stamping Ground where it all starts each week.

Wishing those who are cold, some warmth, and those who are hot, some cool, not to mention some relief for those who are either too dry or too wet. We certainly have some extremes in the weather these days.

Miles of smiles,

08 March, 2013

Friday Funny

Here's a Funny for Friday which I recalled some time today, maybe yesterday. Wish I could write with the slurred accent.

It's about a wine-o who goes to the doc because he's got a bad toe, probably stubbed it. After the doc sets that right, he says to the bloke, "Y'know Mickey, you have to give away the plonk. It's no good for you. Let me show you something."

"Right-o Doc." says Mickey. "Wotcha got?"

"Well," says the Doc, "Here's a glass of water. If I put a worm in there...see he just swims around."

"Aw, he'sho cute, Doc."

"But look here," replies the Doctor, "Here's a glass of whisky. When I put the worm in this glass, he just shrivels up and dies. Not a pretty sight."

"Nah, Doc, downright narsty! An' it juss goes to show, that if you drink a lotta shcotch, ya won't get worms!"

06 March, 2013

WOYWW No. 196. Stash and Splash

Greetings all WOYWW friends and followers. Lovely to meet you all again on this Wednesday desk hopping caper. Of course anyone can tag along - to learn more just follow the link to the Stamping Ground where the weekly appointment begins.

Two points of interest on my desk this week; firstly some pictures of my purchases at the Papercraft Expo and then some experiment with a lovely Memory Box die called Big Slash Border.

I wore my WOYWW badge all day which drew quite a few comments of the "What's that?" kind, however there were no other Melbourne WOYWW folks there. Probably Saturday and Sunday were their favoured days. Here are a few pics to waltz through - enjoy.

Part 1 of stash: replenishment department of sponges, Cuttlehug, and so forth.

Some stamps and stencils. The Girl's Faces by Jane Davenport are interesting.

Cutting dies. Love "Vintage Globes" by Fancy That. There's even one with the Pacific countries!

My first purchase of Distress Paint and some inks that work on silk.
The Dye-na-Flow inks will be interesting. Years ago I did some silk painting and Cathy from Bellbird was demonstrating them on watercolour paper used with salt crystals in the same way. I'm looking forward to trying it with the taster kit I bought.

Now for what's on the creative desk? I used some of the Distress Paint on watercolour paper and then cut out the Big Splash border.

First run on the left. Second run on the way. Notice ice blocks and lime in the water. It's HOT and I'm over it.

Here is the border. Happpy with it. I anchor the die for a second run through with florist tape which peels off easily.
I do love the curly left-over bits and there will be some good purpose for them I have no doubt.

Well that's it for tonight. I must say I'm very sick of having over 30 degree C days. We had fourteen days over 30 in February and the next week is forecast to be the same with 36 after the weekend. The early mornings are spent doing a watering rotation, all by hand with green tea in the other hand.

Cheers m'dears,

04 March, 2013

Papercraft Expo

On Friday (after an expensive Thursday at the dentist), I went to the Scrapbooking and Papercraft Expo at the Melbourne Exhibition Building. This was an expensive day too, as it turned out (grinning ear to ear). I did enjoy seeing the people and the interesting media and techniques, however it was much smaller than I expected.

This show has been in Brisbane for a couple of years (at least) and was very big there, so I had great expectations. Probably not a good idea. I should add that there were quite a lot of workshops which I elected not to attend because I like to roam at these events.
Here is Heather demonstrating for Bellbird Paperarts

I have written about some of the workshops that I attend with Cathy, Heather and Lenise at Bellbird. Here is Cathy's stand where I stopped first. Cathy and Heather (photo) were both going like the clappers sharing their skills.

A bit later I found Lesley at Little Bits. Her shop can be on my way home from Melbourne, and she has rescued me from losing my continuity with Craft Stamper magazine.

Lesley at her glittering workdesk.

She was demonstrating using glitter in graduated colours on stamps of vintage elegance - ladies in long dresses who remind me of Marlene Dietrich. And Lesley added to the glittering elegance, having glitter scattered all about her person!
Now here are some pictures of the Exhibition Building which I haven't been inside for some years, not since it was renovated in the style of its era, 1888. In that year, Marvellous Melbourne, as it was called, was in post gold rush boom years. In 1886, Italian craftsmen were brought here to build and decorate it which they did in grand style. I hope you enjoy these photos.
Here is a view along one arm of the building with the dome just visible.
This is such an ornate "icecream cake" building, in roughly cruciform shape with the very familiar symmetry of Victorian architecture. It has three long arms and the main entrance at the top. The four pillars surrounding the dome are painted with lovely murals, and the whole place has stencilled patterns on every beam, archway and cornice.
These murals are maidens of the Spring.

The ground floor was the only space open to the public this time but there is a promenade mezzanine that runs the length of each side of each arm of the building. It is quite a large total exhibition space. You can just discern the balustrade on the left of the photo above.  

Some detail of the dome from the inside which makes a remarkably effective light well.

From the outside, the symmetry and the dome are imposing. Thank goodness it's been cared for.

Across the forecourt, there is a very modern Museum building that is metal and glass in a most fascinating combination. There is space here! Kids have room for skate-boards and folks walk through from one main thoroughfare to another. Old and new side are by side.

 I wore clothes like this in the 70s and loved the freedom of casual soft garments and boots. The sun and the wind makes the girls seem a perfect match with the day and a perfect contrast with the stark geometry of the building.

These two young women reminded me of me! 

The other side of the building are lovely gardens.  The fountains are playing because the city water supply can support them. Not so during the drought years.

What a day!  I took my goodies and my achy feet home to my friend Rhonda with whom I stayed for a couple of nights. Being the inveterate foodie that she is, she cooked me a wonderful meal - marinaded kangaroo fillets and some splendid vegies, and then a yoghurt icecream she whipped up.

I'll post some information about my purchases pretty soon. In the meantime, enjoy the week ahead.