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04 March, 2013

Papercraft Expo

On Friday (after an expensive Thursday at the dentist), I went to the Scrapbooking and Papercraft Expo at the Melbourne Exhibition Building. This was an expensive day too, as it turned out (grinning ear to ear). I did enjoy seeing the people and the interesting media and techniques, however it was much smaller than I expected.

This show has been in Brisbane for a couple of years (at least) and was very big there, so I had great expectations. Probably not a good idea. I should add that there were quite a lot of workshops which I elected not to attend because I like to roam at these events.
Here is Heather demonstrating for Bellbird Paperarts

I have written about some of the workshops that I attend with Cathy, Heather and Lenise at Bellbird. Here is Cathy's stand where I stopped first. Cathy and Heather (photo) were both going like the clappers sharing their skills.

A bit later I found Lesley at Little Bits. Her shop can be on my way home from Melbourne, and she has rescued me from losing my continuity with Craft Stamper magazine.

Lesley at her glittering workdesk.

She was demonstrating using glitter in graduated colours on stamps of vintage elegance - ladies in long dresses who remind me of Marlene Dietrich. And Lesley added to the glittering elegance, having glitter scattered all about her person!
Now here are some pictures of the Exhibition Building which I haven't been inside for some years, not since it was renovated in the style of its era, 1888. In that year, Marvellous Melbourne, as it was called, was in post gold rush boom years. In 1886, Italian craftsmen were brought here to build and decorate it which they did in grand style. I hope you enjoy these photos.
Here is a view along one arm of the building with the dome just visible.
This is such an ornate "icecream cake" building, in roughly cruciform shape with the very familiar symmetry of Victorian architecture. It has three long arms and the main entrance at the top. The four pillars surrounding the dome are painted with lovely murals, and the whole place has stencilled patterns on every beam, archway and cornice.
These murals are maidens of the Spring.

The ground floor was the only space open to the public this time but there is a promenade mezzanine that runs the length of each side of each arm of the building. It is quite a large total exhibition space. You can just discern the balustrade on the left of the photo above.  

Some detail of the dome from the inside which makes a remarkably effective light well.

From the outside, the symmetry and the dome are imposing. Thank goodness it's been cared for.

Across the forecourt, there is a very modern Museum building that is metal and glass in a most fascinating combination. There is space here! Kids have room for skate-boards and folks walk through from one main thoroughfare to another. Old and new side are by side.

 I wore clothes like this in the 70s and loved the freedom of casual soft garments and boots. The sun and the wind makes the girls seem a perfect match with the day and a perfect contrast with the stark geometry of the building.

These two young women reminded me of me! 

The other side of the building are lovely gardens.  The fountains are playing because the city water supply can support them. Not so during the drought years.

What a day!  I took my goodies and my achy feet home to my friend Rhonda with whom I stayed for a couple of nights. Being the inveterate foodie that she is, she cooked me a wonderful meal - marinaded kangaroo fillets and some splendid vegies, and then a yoghurt icecream she whipped up.

I'll post some information about my purchases pretty soon. In the meantime, enjoy the week ahead.



Anonymous said...

Ros - what beautiful photos you took of the event, wish I was there with you!

JoZart said...

Wow! It looks like you had a super duper day. It looks an amazing building and a great venue for the show. I look forward to seeing your stash of purchases...
Jo x

Sue said...

What a divine building. I can see you would have had very good spend on some art supplies. Hope you have somewhere to put it when you get home. I had to stop buying as I ran out of space.....having filled, attic, garage, sheds and greenhouse.
Now I am getting rid so I can breathe.
Wonder what lovely things can be made with no art supplies;)

That building is stunning!

Have a great week and lots of fun, Ros.


Sue said...

Did I leave you a comment? The PubLish button has gone mad today. I am sure I left you one:)

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

wow do remember the building form when i lived there in the 70's and 80's - funny how you forget til a vision reminds you - lovely photography Ros, love Shaz in oz.x

Bridget Larsen said...

I miss going to the Melbourne craft shows. I used to work up the road from Bellbird Papers and love going to Little Bits, I wonder if I sat in a class with you somewhere and didnt know. Small world, we must try and catch up and have a WOYWW cuppa
Bridget #109