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06 March, 2013

WOYWW No. 196. Stash and Splash

Greetings all WOYWW friends and followers. Lovely to meet you all again on this Wednesday desk hopping caper. Of course anyone can tag along - to learn more just follow the link to the Stamping Ground where the weekly appointment begins.

Two points of interest on my desk this week; firstly some pictures of my purchases at the Papercraft Expo and then some experiment with a lovely Memory Box die called Big Slash Border.

I wore my WOYWW badge all day which drew quite a few comments of the "What's that?" kind, however there were no other Melbourne WOYWW folks there. Probably Saturday and Sunday were their favoured days. Here are a few pics to waltz through - enjoy.

Part 1 of stash: replenishment department of sponges, Cuttlehug, and so forth.

Some stamps and stencils. The Girl's Faces by Jane Davenport are interesting.

Cutting dies. Love "Vintage Globes" by Fancy That. There's even one with the Pacific countries!

My first purchase of Distress Paint and some inks that work on silk.
The Dye-na-Flow inks will be interesting. Years ago I did some silk painting and Cathy from Bellbird was demonstrating them on watercolour paper used with salt crystals in the same way. I'm looking forward to trying it with the taster kit I bought.

Now for what's on the creative desk? I used some of the Distress Paint on watercolour paper and then cut out the Big Splash border.

First run on the left. Second run on the way. Notice ice blocks and lime in the water. It's HOT and I'm over it.

Here is the border. Happpy with it. I anchor the die for a second run through with florist tape which peels off easily.
I do love the curly left-over bits and there will be some good purpose for them I have no doubt.

Well that's it for tonight. I must say I'm very sick of having over 30 degree C days. We had fourteen days over 30 in February and the next week is forecast to be the same with 36 after the weekend. The early mornings are spent doing a watering rotation, all by hand with green tea in the other hand.

Cheers m'dears,


Helen said...

What a great stash haul! Have fun playing - sorry, crafting! - with that. Helen, 8

JoZart said...

You've certainly had a good splash of treats with some super items in your purchases. No doubt we'll now have more visitors to WOYWW after your promotion wearing your badge!
Jo x

Sue said...

Back later. Why is my cat on your blog?
Have a very creative day with all that stash.

Antonia said...

Looks like you splurged at the craft show I love the blue colours you are working on your desk Hope the weather turns a little for you.
Happy woyww
Toni #75

Heather Alger said...

Beautiful creativity with your new Inks :0)
Hope the weather calms and cools for you soon too x
Happy WOYWW Heather #59

Deb's Pen Pot said...

Yummy looking stash - enjoy using it! Have a fab WOYWW, Deb #100

Ria Gall said...

look at you with all your lovely new stuff how wonderful it is so much fun trying out what you have.
Wishing you a happy week of crafting
Have a great WOYWW thank you for sharing your workspace today
Ria #39

Anonymous said...

I do like your craft show goodies Ros, I'm a fan of Memory Box too, they have some really interesting stuff available. 30C sounds quite nice round about now, but we had a very hot and dry summer last year and I have to admit I don't like it much! Much prefer moderate temps.

Brenda 104

Julia Dunnit said...

Funny isn't it, as the weather improves and warms, we work to spend as much time as possible outside, but by season's end, we dont make the effort the same and it feels so tiring; I wish you cool, I really do! Lovely new stash..I think the border is gorgeous. But not as gorgeous as the globe dies, I need to look out for them! Enjoy your distress paints, will be interested to have your opinion when you've had a good chance to play.

Darnell J Knauss said...

Just look at all those yummy, yummy gifties you got yourself! Wow, what fun you will be having!! Those dies are stunning, aren't they? I don't have this one and it's now on my wish list! Thanks for the tip about the florist's tape, BTW!

Happy WOYWWing! See you in a couple of weeks. Darnell #50

Eliza said...

Just look at all that goodness on your desk, looks like you had fun at the fair. So sorry we couldn't catch up, work got in the way and tradesmen too. Hopefully another day.

Love the dies you got and those TH paints

Happy Belated WOYWW

MaggieC said...

I can understand you being fed up of temperatures that high, just as we are fed up of all the rain we have had. I am busy drinking hot Bovril to soothe a sore throat, the start of a nasty cold given to me by a "kind" friend. You have some lovely things on your desk this week, giving us lots to look at. Hope you have a good week, perhaps a little cooler. xx Maggie

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Ros,

so glad you called by as thought of you on Wednesday when hopping around desks and also when did plants as thought you would probably know :D

and wow! wish had been there to trawl around the show with you!

we could have worn our badges together!! - and so agree with you on those dies - I LOVE dies.. terrible I am, so absorbed by them .. and the globes so amazing detail and love the MB does too great sea foam..

Re your weather we have about 26C every day for ages so could send you some good temps if could!

Thanks so much for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #17

RosA said...

Hi Ros, What a fabulous lot of stuff you got at the show! Wish I had been there! Love that curly die and I also keep the leftover bits! They have to come in handy, eventually!
No WOYWW this week, but I did do something with some of those backgrounds I made a while ago.
Hope you have a nice week and get to play with all your new stash!

okienurse said...

Awesome lot of stash Ros! Love all the new dies and stencils. I want to try some Tim Holtz paint so might order it tonight. I want to go to a craft show next June in Dallas but...thats a long time away! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Keep cool those 30+ temps can be grueling! Vickie #11

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I didn't realise that I wasn't a follower of your blog....I am now!! Sorry :)
Anyhow, I loved that wavy blue cutout...yum yum, it doesn't get better than that for me. My absolute favourite colour with lots of swirls as a pattern...brilliant. It reminded me of Hiroshige's Wave prints!
And I really enjoyed reading the previous post about your trip to the exhibition. It was the building that got me, how beautiful is that place? I love all the painting and decoration inside. Your comment about the two young girls made me smile! I think we were both radical hippies in our younger days!
Hugs, LLJ 32 xxxx

Neet said...

The heat sounds enviable to me but I guess living in it is different. It is so cold here and so windy at the moment - wet yesterday. Can't win!
Your stash Ros - what a good old spend you had and I tell you what - I adore that border you cut.
Hope you get some relief from that heat before long. Wish you could send some to us so you cooled down a bit and we warmed up a bit.
Hugs, Neet (thanks for the visit earlier) xx

Claire said...

loving all your goodies, and i agree, i'm sure you can make something with those lovely curly bits... such beautiful, intricate work :)
thank you for dropping by and leaving a lovely comment - means a lot!
have a wonderful week x

Bridget Larsen said...

ooh I love that curly die,
Bridget #109

April Story said...

Love that new die - all the things you can do with it. Great purchases from the Craft Expo too. Can't wait to see what you do with them.
April #145

Sue said...

You could make some pretty good coastal art work with that swirl, or a girl with a blue perm.....I said I'd be back:)
Have a great week. We are in for some icy weather, we had a touch of spring last week and yet tomorrow's highest temp is zero degrees, brrrrrr!!!!!!!

Shoshi said...

Ros, what a gorgeous, interesting desk! It's always great getting new stash, isn't it. I just love the waves die you got, and what you've done with it! I've had some fun designing swirls like that in Inkscape and cutting them with Sheba (Black Cat Cougar machine), and if I can keep the paper/card flat enough after painting, I'd love to try what you've done! And yes, the bits you've cut out will be great to use, too. I also love the vintage globes, and it's great that they've got some with Australia on! That would be a fun project to try and design for the cutting machine, too. Great ideas.

Thanks soooo much for getting in touch with me again! It was great to hear from you. There have been some ups and downs over the house move - major probs with roof of new house but it looks as if all will be well now, and we're set to go ahead. Powers of attorney now through for Mum and Dad so no delays on that score. If I'm not too tired I'll try and join in WOYWW this week with a photo of what my poor ARTHaven looks like now!! At least I can still do zentangles if I feel like being creative.

We've been mega busy over at Mum's with my sis (and cousin who's coming again this Sun) sorting stuff and organising auction sales etc. etc. Dad never threw anything out! We've made excellent progress though. Soon she will be able to go and stay with my sis until the new house is ready. We're hoping to complete the sale early to mid Apr. and the purchase may take a bit longer but it's not a problem.

Desperately trying to pace myself and so far all is well!

Hugs and thanks again - you made my day by your comment!!!