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10 April, 2013

WOYWW No. 201. Pastels and Birds

Greetings all - friends, Romans, countrymen.... no, no, no, wrong audience, friends, followers, artists of the blogosphere!  I hope you are well and content.  I was away last week walking on the beach, meeting friends, making the most of the sunny days. We've had really gorgeous Autumn weather which is just not to be missed.

My very best news is that I've found an on-line store called Blue Bazaar here in Oz that sells PanPastels. Oh frajious day!  Nuff said. I went to pick up my order from the Post Office this morning - two sets which included a starter set of the Sofft sponges.

PanPastels to pander to my wicked verdant humour!
Then I had a demonic thought. These sponges look very like the make-up sponges that one can buy at Price Line - wrong shape but El Cheapo!!!!  I'll let you know how they work... from behind the door, y'know.

Make-up sponges which might give me some practice with the Pastels.
I had to get going on a birthday card for one, young Jazzie, the grand-daughter in the family. That took my time and creative pleasure without using the pastels - they're for next posting.

The iPad providing the dulcet tones of Norah Jones, the card (centre front) and all the tools on hand.
Notice the Autumn photo on the iPad. This is our driveway which is about 60 metres to the front gate and it's quite a picture when the leaves turn. Otherwise, you can see the doings for the card which is finished for deliver tomorrow.

Birds on a wire, an additional tiny Memory Box perching bird.
This is quite simple but I enjoyed making it. The ribbon is stamped with black Versamagic and I'm impressed with how clearly it took on the ribbon.  The circle is die cut and distress inked, then sprayed with gold Perfect Pearls. It's hard to see, but the blue panel is mounted on a white panel of the same textured card as the card stock.

If you wonder what all this desk display is about, visit Julia Dunnit over at her Stamping Ground, and join the desk-hopping gang around the planet.

Be well, and I do hope the Northern Hemisphere folk are thawing a little.


Annie said...

Oh wow. I love your card and the pic on your ipad is stunning. It sounds so funny to hear you talking about going into Autumn when we are just going into Spring. Isn't this a wonderful world we live in?
A x # 43

Regina Hamilton said...

your card is beautiful. Happy crafting #87

Eliza said...

Ros lucky you getting those pan pastels you must let me know what you think of them. I so love your driveway, beautiful.

Eliza 47

Zoe Ford said...

Springtime here in the UK, with a sunny day and blue sky (at last!)
The photo of your driveway looks beautiful and I really like the simplicity of the card. I hope your grandaughter loves it.
Zoe #103 said...

Very stunning card. You fall oh we are almost in Spring where I live if the snow all melts wit the rain we are to have. Actually it is Spring. You would never tell.

Nice colours you did buy.

Carole M. said...

a really lovely result Ros and I look forward to seeing results with your pan pastels; I'm intruiged...

zue said...

Hi Ros
I like your autumn drive and Norah Jones too. I have an iPad but no music on it:)
The little birds are cute! Did you draw then freehand?
The card is really lovely and the simple style and the blue really suits the bird theme. Not got those pastels, often thought about them, though.
Looking forward to your PP creations. We have warmed up a touch, but it's raining at the moment.
Bestest wishes from Oxford.

Gill Edwards said...

Hi Ros,

I really love your blog and have nominated you for a Liebster Award. the details are on my blog

Gill x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Simple s so often the best! I like the cool blue the recipient tranquil too? ;)
Hugs, LLJ 35 xxxx

scrappyjen said...

Very pretty card. I have now had a glass of wine and I am still trying to visit everyone so my message may be incoherent lol! jenx 129

aworkofheart said...

I love the card you have made, it is so relaxing to look at! Were you inspired to make it while walking on the beach soaking up all that glorious Autumn sunshine?? Your pastels look so yummy, I love looking at brand new stash, just waiting to be broken in...I wonder if Q-tips might work with these, that is what I use with my chalks. Not the cheapy ones, they just fall apart, but a little more expensive ones. Just a thought. Have fun, whatever you try, that is what its all about,
Hugs, Cathryn #146

Queenie Jeannie said...

What a lovely card!! I'm amazed your ribbon turned out so well too - will have to give it a go myself sometime soon!! I've heard of pan pastels, but never seen them before. Looking forward to seeing more about them...*hint, hint!*

Happy Crafting!
Jeannie #32

Ali said...

Love your clean and simple card and woooowwwwww, so jealous of your Pan Pastels! I am building up my collection in dibs and drabs - just bought another one yesterday so have about 8 or 9 now. :)

Ali #79

RosA said...

Hi Ros, Thanks for dropping by and for your kind comments. I will, no doubt, get around to adding some "bling" (ie. silver or gold), it's almost inevitable!
I find those Versamagic ink pads very reliable. They do seem to always stamp nicely.
I see you've discovered Blue Bazaar. I've shopped with them on and off for years. PLEASE let us know how you find the Pan Pastels. They look lovely but I am really hoping that I don't "need" them :)
RosA # 84

RosA said...

Oh, and BTW, you can get a big bag of those make up sponges even cheaper at Red Dollar! (I have been using them with acrylic paint on the journal pages.)

Darnell J Knauss said...

Wow, Ros, my eyes keep going back and forth between the monitor and your card! I can't decide which enthralls me more! You have the most awesome driveway with that lush canopy. What a delight it must be to walk the length and even just to stand there!

And Jazzie's card is so unique and enchanting! I've popped a copy of it into my faves to study when I have more time. TFS!!

Thank you for coming by to see me earlier! Have a wonderful week enjoying that fall weather and playing with your pastels. I hope the cheapo makeup sponges do the trick; makes sense to me! Darnell #47

Spyder said...

Very nice! Although, now I've read some of your comments I'm going to be very nosy and have a longer snoop! Happy VERY late woyww!
((Lyn)) #24

Neet said...

Love your card, love your driveway (WOW, big) and I love PP's. I have to say though that I do think the sponges they sell are better than the cosmetic ones - see what you think.
Thanks for the comment on my blog - love the levitating table idea but I think I would get travel sick.
Oh for some of your weather.
Hugs, Neet xx 16

Alison Wade said...

Happy Very Belated WOYWW. Fab card and love the autumn photo. Ali x No.19

glitterandglue said...

The card is lovely - simple and clean lines. Trust it was loved by the recipient...
and as for the pan pastels - yummy - looks like you are going to have fun!
Margaret (glitterandglue #143)