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29 May, 2013

WOYWW No. 208. New Craftsheet to Celebrate Four Years

Well, four years of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. What a brill idea, Julia. I'm drinking champagne tonight, FOUR SURE!

Greetings to all friends, follows, and other groupies who happen upon this weekly desk fest courtesy of our Stamping Ground Mother, Julia Dunnit. Pop over to have a look.

This week I want to share a completed card and three little vignettes. Firstly, the end result of last week's progress picture of 'By the Sea' is here. I will put an appropriate greeting/sentiment in the top left corner when I give it away.

Next, you can see the evening calm before the storm. All is well in the land of pre-dinner noggins and a teacup of chips. The latter is very portable, and a good way to set limits on consuming a most more-ish nibble.

There are a couple of ATC hints here.
This photo was taken this morning showing the end of the WOYWW-4 ATC creative flurry.

Not much to say really except perhaps "Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgh".
Finally, this photo shows a clean desk and the new craft sheet to celebrate the approach of the fifth year of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. In fact, I have two craft sheets which I purchased at Paperific for an excellent price. I have them taped together to stop the sprays marking the desk either side.

Open Space. I might need a Map of the Desk or a navigation aid now. At least there is a coffee station.
I love fresh starts so here goes. I'll be round to all my callers and as many more as I can manage.

Happy WOYWW anniversary, and looking forward to seeing the ATCs as they arrive in peoples' letterboxes.

Miles of Smiles,

24 May, 2013

Friday Smiles on Wash Day

Good morning smiling friends,

It was 5 C degrees this morning when the sun rose, and everything was covered in diamonds. Just now, I was outside talking to my Feline Supervisor, Dixie and doing a few job-ettes. I picked some lavender, turned the compost, and pegged out some washing.

Never thought it would give me pleasure to put my washing here! But it does.
Here's a diamond encrusted pumpkin destined for a Japanese feast tomorrow night.
Gorgeous to have a chef in the family.

Lucky birds - a lavender scented bath.

Lucky me. Lavender on the desk.

I savoured the thought that I was participating in ancient rituals on a crisp sunny morning, contributing to the historical stream of clean clothes, enriched soil, and herbal delights. All this and a simple loving conversation with my dear four-footer about nothing at all except pleasurable companionship.

Dixie.  We're lucky.
For more smiles, pop over to Annie and link in.
Miles of smiles,

22 May, 2013

WOYWW No. 207. By the sea.

Greetings all. Can't believe how close we are to the fourth anniversary of this loopy leaping between Wednesday desks. Are you miffed?  Of course!  It all starts every Wednesday when nearly two hundred folks connect with Julia Dunnit at the Stamping Ground. Join in - it's been happening for a week short of four years.

I do hope all my friends, visitors and followers don't feel neglected. Life has been very busy while the plans I have fall into the abyss. It's getting colder here and the floor heating is ON.  I'm thoroughly enjoying walking around bare-footed which I prefer, mostly indoors that is. Snug as a bug in a rug.

This week I've been playing with water-soluble inks, mostly Distress or Kaleidacolour applied to a foam sheet and picked up with stamps or directly onto the paper. I've used the technique to help 'salvage' some poor things in a lamentable pile that didn't make it to the finishing line.
Centre is the nautilus shell "By the Sea".
On my desk from left to right - my palette of water colour crayons for "By the Sea" and the mini misters one of which is China blue DI and gold Perfect Pearls to add some shine to this piece. Then there are dishes of pumpkin and chilli seeds waiting for little envelopes and my WOYWW manikin in a great hurry. There are more deodorant roll-on balls waiting for inky colour before joining the cats' playtime routine, and sundry tools in use.
Up close, and it's in need of something more...
Whilst I love these colours which are evocative of a mysterious under-water mood, I decided it needs more dimension.  I added some high-lights in white to give the components of the stamp their own lives, so-to-speak.
Some high-lights added with white gel pen to the nautilus, the sea star and the interstices of the net.
Using a yellow/gold metallic matt enlivens it too. Watch for the finished article.
I have an old corrugated cardboard box which will recycle nicely as a second matt.
Thank you to those who leave a comment - I love them, and do my best to return the compliment.
I wonder how people are faring in Oklahoma City today.  Are you okay Vickie?  There were devastating scenes of the tornado on tonight's news - hard to believe so much damage in so little time.  Wishing all those who are homeless and damaged very best wishes for this time of rebuilding your lives.
Bliss-ings all,

08 May, 2013

WOYWW No. 205... After Paperfic.

Greetings friends, followers and desk hoppers.

It's a pleasure to make time to be here again. The weeks have flown past and I've "hardly had time to scratch meself" as they say in the classics - or wherever they say that. ;-)

Last weekend was another Paperfic show which I thoroughly enjoyed once I got there!  With the change of date, Paperfic was at the Melbourne Show Grounds at the same time as the Home Show. Epsom Road was a carpark and hundreds of cars in the queue made it 45 minutes to get to the gate. I did a work-around, crossed the river twice, came in the back way and got into the right gate. Oh my very word, what a pain it was.

Once inside, lovely atmosphere, lots to see and peeps to catch up with.

I watched Leslie at Little Bits doing a water colour stamping trick with a plastic sponge sheet.

I have reorganised the desk to create more work space and make some things more accessible. Bliss on a stick! 

Here's the desk this week.  From left to right, two stamped images using the water based dye ink (Marvy) picked up from the 5mm plastic foam sheet which is next on the craft sheet looking a bit pale. The reason for this is that I rolled the kitchen paper over it to lift off the ink and it left the impression of the paper towel. Gelli plate method immediately struck me so pressed a piece of card onto it and picked up the impression - next on the craft sheet. You can see the roll of towel at the back. It will make a pretty background.  On the right is the stamp I used, a couple of Bic ballpoints which breed in dark corners, and the Marvy Matchables.  You can also see a few autumn leaves and some red metal foil I picked up for $1 the other day.

Well that's it for now. Gotta prepare for coaching someone for her Award lecture. Great honour for her but hard work too, so hope we get well along the way. If you're wondering what this desk caper is about, drop over to the Stamping Ground and peruse the army of artists who share their desks each week.

All the best,