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24 May, 2013

Friday Smiles on Wash Day

Good morning smiling friends,

It was 5 C degrees this morning when the sun rose, and everything was covered in diamonds. Just now, I was outside talking to my Feline Supervisor, Dixie and doing a few job-ettes. I picked some lavender, turned the compost, and pegged out some washing.

Never thought it would give me pleasure to put my washing here! But it does.
Here's a diamond encrusted pumpkin destined for a Japanese feast tomorrow night.
Gorgeous to have a chef in the family.

Lucky birds - a lavender scented bath.

Lucky me. Lavender on the desk.

I savoured the thought that I was participating in ancient rituals on a crisp sunny morning, contributing to the historical stream of clean clothes, enriched soil, and herbal delights. All this and a simple loving conversation with my dear four-footer about nothing at all except pleasurable companionship.

Dixie.  We're lucky.
For more smiles, pop over to Annie and link in.
Miles of smiles,

15 comments: said...

A very productive morning. I am soon ready for bed.

Pictures are pretty of flowers. I hang wash out also when I can. Nothing like fresh smelling clothes when you bring them in.

Have a good day!

Carole M. said...

taking time to smell the roses (and lavenders), it's just good to be able to do that; lovely series Ros'

tilly said...

the simple pleasures are what life is all about!
I love your sunshine and lavender

Annie said...

So much to smile about Ros. Gorgeous pics. thanks for sharing them.
Annie x
ps don't forget to link up on my blog later :-)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

It really is the simplest things that bring most pleasure....I LOVE pegging out my washing too, although it does sound slightly nerdy to say so. Potting up plants in my greenhouse is another. My DH offered to get me a radio to put in there and I was horrified! I like the silence and tranquility, punctuated only by the sound of birds singing...and the odd military helicopter ( we are right on the edge of Salisbury Plain, a large training area!)
Zen and the art of Happy :-)
LLJ xxxx

Angie said...

I can tell, by the way you write,how much you love your space, tranquility,and the company.I was smiling as I read.
Thanks for droping by my place ...our pet is a African pygmy hog and will not grow much bigger ...she was bred in this country by amazing breeders ...and most of the cats love to watch her....and a couple like to play too.

Carol said...

What a lovely space and the best of companions. I like to hang out the washing but if I tried it today I think I would end up chasing it down the road, very windy indeed.
Thank you for the smiles, have a great weekend.
Carol xx

JoZart said...

Such a lovely post Ros, I can feel the tranquility of your home life and how you appreciate it. The photos are so lovely and your lavender looks so "full" compared to mine here in England. Dixie is so sweet with his white mitts too.
Love Jo x

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Thanks for sharing your photos, looks lovely there ! Shirleyx

Gill Edwards said...

love that lavender plant, i had one when i moved in 22 years ago but i accidentally killed it by cutting it back too much.
Lovely photos Ros

Gill x

Twiglet said...

Oh I am sure I can smell that lavender from here!! x Jo

BumbleVee said...

wow....what a great place for a birdie bath....

fairy thoughts said...

I quite fancy s lavender scented bath too, add the sunshine and it would be heaven.... Not sure what the neighbours would make of it though. What a fab place to hang out the washing, thanks for sharing
Janet @9

Laura said...

Not sure I could work with lavender on my desk - I'd be nodding off!

Elizabeth said...

Lovely! I was quite transported to your diamond encrusted bit of paradise for a moment there, Ros. And I can now see that I've been remiss in not providing our bird population with a lavender scented bath ... it sounds heavenly :)) Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx