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29 May, 2013

WOYWW No. 208. New Craftsheet to Celebrate Four Years

Well, four years of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. What a brill idea, Julia. I'm drinking champagne tonight, FOUR SURE!

Greetings to all friends, follows, and other groupies who happen upon this weekly desk fest courtesy of our Stamping Ground Mother, Julia Dunnit. Pop over to have a look.

This week I want to share a completed card and three little vignettes. Firstly, the end result of last week's progress picture of 'By the Sea' is here. I will put an appropriate greeting/sentiment in the top left corner when I give it away.

Next, you can see the evening calm before the storm. All is well in the land of pre-dinner noggins and a teacup of chips. The latter is very portable, and a good way to set limits on consuming a most more-ish nibble.

There are a couple of ATC hints here.
This photo was taken this morning showing the end of the WOYWW-4 ATC creative flurry.

Not much to say really except perhaps "Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgh".
Finally, this photo shows a clean desk and the new craft sheet to celebrate the approach of the fifth year of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. In fact, I have two craft sheets which I purchased at Paperific for an excellent price. I have them taped together to stop the sprays marking the desk either side.

Open Space. I might need a Map of the Desk or a navigation aid now. At least there is a coffee station.
I love fresh starts so here goes. I'll be round to all my callers and as many more as I can manage.

Happy WOYWW anniversary, and looking forward to seeing the ATCs as they arrive in peoples' letterboxes.

Miles of Smiles,


Neet said...

"What a difference a day makes" - that is a line from a song isn't it? Well, what a difference a tidy up has made to your desk. Love your busy-ness and love your calm.
That card you made is wonderful. Fab image enhanced by your expertise.

Hugs, Neet 1 xx

Roudi said...

Lovely new beginning just in time for our big party! The finished card looks fabulous. There's this little WOYWW pin back there that's caughts my eye. Where did you get that? It's so cool!

Happy anniversary! xx
Roudi #24

Helen said...

I love your desk!! I need to start using my new craft mat!! Happy WOYWWversary. Helen 39

Annie said...

Hi the new look to start the next WOYWW year off well :-)
Your card is gorgeous.
Happy 4th Birthday celebrations and here's to the lots more.
Annie x # 5

Julia Dunnit said... looks like you're moving out! Love the idea of a noggin and a's like a special code! I still covet that narrow draw you have to keep your tags in, such a lovely way to keep and display. Wouldn't it be fab to find a whole unit full!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I always knew I liked you, Ros, but the whiskey and chips seals that opinion! Way to go...I only wish I could be closer to nip round and share with you!
It looks asa if a whirlwind struck your neck of the woods, looking at your desk there! Obviously you were deep in the creative zone when all that 'mess' happened!!!
Happy 4th WOYWW!
Hugs, LLJ 9 xx

KatzElbows said...

I loved the second picture of your desk, I figured you had loads of room to create, especially if you used the push back technique. But that last picture, full of organisation and calm is very inspiring. I wish I was that disciplined!

Happy anniversary,
Love Rachel, #48

glitterandglue said...

That card is so lovely. Great colours - just the smell and taste of the sea!!!! You were certainly busy, and now a small area of calm before the next project. Have fun!
Happy 4th anniversary.
Margaret #70

Ria Gall said...

Hi Ros
lovely clean desk and new crafting mats wow it really is party time in your house.
Wishing you and everyone a Very Happy WOYWW today
Ria #49

Anonymous said...

Well, my number has moved around a bit but now seems to have settled down so it looks like I send to you!

I'll watch for an email with your address - luckily I one ready to go!
Your desk is far to tidy - time to go and make a mess...

Happy 4th Birthday, WOYWW!
Mary Anne* (26!)

The Taming of the Glue said...

Aah...the essential cup of tea on the desk! I love the "by the Sea" card...perfect colours. And what a tidy desk! Happy 4th WOYWW.

Marit said...

I LOVE the sea-card, you must be a master in using inks. The 'before and after' photos made me smile. Happy woyww anniversary and a hug from Holland. Marit #88

RosA said...

Hi Ros,
I can't believe what a mess I made when trying to link up! SO embarrassing and I have NEVER made a mistake doing it before. Blame it on the fact that it was getting late and I wanted to get home from work. That's my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it! Yes, happy to swap! I have your address here too (somewhere). Better let me have it again in case I can't find it easily :)
And I am mightily impressed with your "clean slate" desk! Wish I could achieve the same here :)

voodoo vixen said...

Aha, a woman after my own heart, I don't mind how messy it gets whilst I am working on something but I have to clear it away before I begin something new! Happy 4th WOYWW Anniversary! Annette #2

Tracy said...

Looks like you had so much fun!

Tracy #55

SueH said...

It’s amazing that the internet can bring together so many likeminded people and I’m grateful that WOYWW has also brought along so many new friends, thanks to Julia.

Wow, that end of year clear up was impressive Ros, I guess there’s lots of us that could do with taking a leaf out of your book!

Enjoy your Wednesday snooping on this very special Day
Happy Crafting!
Sue @82

JoZart said...

I love your desk in either state... the mess only indicates creative activity and the tidy state that it's finished, all done, over.
Happy 4th WOYWW anniversary and I happy to be a part of Julia's creative family,
Jo x

Minxy said...

For 4 years now i've been dropping by,
To view your desk and see what I can spy,
Will it be a card, some stash or ATC,
whatever it is, thanks for sharing it,
Have a Happy WOYWW 4th Anniversary

Hugz Minxy #60

Angie said...

Happy 4th ...I love the before and after shots of your work space ...and that card is totally stunning blew me away ...I think the person who recieves for an occaision,is lucky and I hope they keep it.

okienurse said...

great changes from one day to the next! Love all the signs of creativity going on. Happy WOYWW 4th Anniversary. Have a great week. Vickie #14

Queen Lightwell said...

Well the ocean hues inspired card caught my eye and clued me in that you are obviously one talented lady! And seeing your desk "in action"...I would probably cause twice the mess turning out something so beautiful! lol Though you did mention that is an ATC inspired disaster...which just leaves me in even greater anticipation as I'm the blessed receiver! :) Love the clean-up shot, as well. Looks like you are very organized, always a bonus for us messy crafters, huh? Destroy, I mean create, then tidy, quickly thanks to organization, and then do it all over again! lol :) Have a great WOYWW and I sent you an email with my addy~ Deeyll #29

Monique said...

That's a beautiful card. I love how your desk looked after you were done with the ATC's =)

Carole said...

So fun to start fresh, everything has it's place, now let's snoop. Carole 148

Buttons said...

Most impressed with the revamp Ros! Love that idea of limiting the nibbles - trouble is some of us would go and refill it! Wishing you a very happy WOYWW, hugs Jenny #102

Nikki said...

Get down and party wow your desk is so full of stuff for all the ATC's you made :) You look so organized when you've tidyed up
What's in that little wooden box on the left side there besides all your ATC's ?? and love the ATC stamp so kewl!!! hugs Nikki 145

scrappymo! said...

Wow...what a difference...but busy or orderly...the thing that caught my eye is that wonderful drawer of ATC and ?
It is just the right size and the ATC details stamp is wonderful!

peggy apl said...

happy 4th WOYWW anniversary!
i'm delighted to be part of this fun group
and happy to get a chance to peek at your desk today!
good job on the clean up!

peggy aplSEEDS@11

Zue said...

A fresh start is always good for creativity. It makes such a difference!
I became Zue after playing around with making letters look different. It is just a back to front S.
Also I am grand-mere Zue to my grandchildren and though they are too small to talk, it kind of got stuck. Silly, but you know how silliness becomes a bit of fun.
Have a great weekend, Ros!

Maudieroff Roffey said...

Hi RosC - love the different versions of your desk - nice fresh start - Happy 4th WOYWW Birthday... Mxx #137

Elizabeth said...

Hi Ros, I'm slowly but surely making my way through the links this week - so apologies for being so late. The finished card is beautiful - the background inking is gorgeous. Enjoyed the photos of your desk in its many stages and love the two craft sheets - now, why didn't I think of that! I also use a small dish for treats - like you say, it prevents over-indulgence :) Have a lovely weekend. Elizabeth x #155

Redanne said...

Hi Ros, I am getting around slowly the before and after shots of your desk, the before looks like mine all the time! I am very pleased with my new die, plan to make a Father's Day card (I hope). Thanks for your visit. Belated Happy WOYWW, Anne x #61

Darnell J Knauss said...

Just like me, Ros, clean, messy, clean again! It is clear to see that you put your ALL into your projects!! Your card is SO gorgeous; the coloring is divine!!

Thank you for paying me an Anniversary visit earlier. I'm sorry I'm still trundling my way along the hippity-hoppity! Better late than never said the hare to the tortoise! Best wishes back to you and enjoy the rest of the week! xxoo Darnell #34

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hullo Ros,
Well am super late but hey better late than never.. so glad you had fun making those atc's and wow love the sea card too fab work.... good idea to have two mats, well done!!
thanks for popping over! happy 4th WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #37

Gill Edwards said...

Mmmm chips in a mug what a great idea

gill x

MaggieC said...

Thank you for your lovely comments. I am lucky in that, although my crafting computer is away for treatment, I do still have the main pc which is powerful enough to create bluray videos, and a laptop as well, so I am not too badly off. i also have the chance to clean my workdesk down without the computer there. I aim to get my desk as tidy as yours. Awesome. xx Maggie