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26 July, 2013

Flowers with Love from Woody

Here is the finished card from my Wednesday desk post this week. I'm quite happy with it as a prototype so will have a bash a different colour ways and materials. Thanks for your interest, Wednesday people.

You will notice immediately that my little friend just can't stay out of things in spite of his injury. Bridgit called him Woody which immediately appeals to me, so Woody it is. You'll see more of him no doubt.

Woody keeps an eye on the proceedings.
Sadly the Winter Lime EP doesn't show very well in this photo but the pinky orange, violet and lime are a good colour combination.


5 comments: said...

Pretty very dainty.

Shoshi said...

Ros, this has come out sooo well! It's a beautiful card. I love the "crazed" background and the subtle colours which show off the flowers so well. I see poor old Mr. Mannequin is still struggling with his bandaged leg, and hope he recovers soon poor chap. That'll learn 'im not to get quite so enthusiastic about WOYWW!!

Thanks for your lovely comment and lol lol! I think there will still be a vestige of the old house left by the time we've finished ROFL!! Thanks for the info about the twinkies and perfect pearls - you have given me the perfect excuse to go out and get some twinkies without feeling the least bit guilty about it!!! I've made a palette with my perfect pearls so I can paint with them, but also still have them in powdered form, and they are great for using with Versamark, and for making DIY glimmer mists with, so I'm glad they won't be made redundant. Can you recommend any good colours to start off with? There are so many and I won't be able to get them all at once!


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful card, Ros. It's so frustrating when the camera just doesn't catch everything the way you see it. But I love the effect of the embossed crackle on that lovely background and the flowers are beautifully coloured. Elizabeth xx
PS: I like Woody too :)

Spyder said...

Lovely card, and I hope Woody's leg gets better soon!!

Carole M. said...

oh; it is very pretty Ros'