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25 July, 2013

WOYWW No 216 ...with Winter Colour

Crikey, I'm late again!  Oh well never mind and I promise not to make it a habit.

Greetings desk-leaping lovelies, friends and followers. This Wednesday game of sharing desks (if you're new to it) starts at the Stamping Ground so hop over there to see if you're inclined.

First I must thank you on behalf of Mannikin for your concern at his rather hyperactive cavorting last time I posted. He did himself something of a mischief I have to tell you, and is seriously restricted at the moment.

Distress Ink seems to have an appropriate place in the photo.
Fortunately, it's only a bad sprain, nothing broken, and he's managing quite well with a neighbour who's a physio and two OTs in the household.  You would think the Doc might have taken the scalpel - not needed for the injury but handy on the art desk!

The desk is finally productive after a creative drought.  The Mojo has been missing and so more and more organising has been a helpful warm-up. I'll post the finished article tomorrow.

L to R:  my much loved Twinks, Hero Arts stamp & die, DRD crackle background.
The background is Distress Stains - old paper, and dried marigold. I added the crackle stamped with tarnished brass stain and then some embossed areas in winter lime. The flowers embossed then die-cut and painted with violet Twinks. I sponged the edges with seedless preserves but that's not shown here. See it in the next post.

Finally, a photo of the cyclamen pots on the kitchen window.  It suits them here as it's the only window in the house that isn't double-glazed, so it gets quite cool here at night.

A little winter colour.  Do you like the old bottles? 
The smallest bottle is a quarter pint cream bottle and the next is a pint milk bottle. The milk used to have waxed cardboard lids and it was delivered to the front doorstep. If it wasn't brought in promptly, the magpies pecked through the wad and drank the cream from the top of the milk. I can just remember the milkman, the baker and the iceman coming around, and the bottle-o collecting empties. 

The tall bottle was found in the mud during post-hole digging on my friend's farm in Western Victoria. It's an old olive oil bottle from my great-grandfather's olive oil company in Adelaide, and the olives moulded into the glass were designed by one of his daughters - my great aunt.

Must flit.  Will do my best to call around to all who call on me at the very least. Happy days.


Annie said...

Hi Ros,
Glad to see you joining in even if you are a little late this week. Looks like Mannikin will have learned his lesson and will take things a little quieter...if only til the dressings come off. :-)
Your cyclamens are really pretty.
A x # 8

Gita said...

OOOOh, look at all your H2O's. I love the shimmer they make. I have a small collection but would like more. And your cyclamen's are gorgeous!! Brigita #95

Zue said...

I love old bottles, these are beautiful!
My creativity has been absent for most of the year. Glad you found yours!
Have fun!
Sue xx

Shoshi said...

Awww... poor Mr. Mannequin! I hope he makes a quick recovery from his injury which was obviously more serious than any of us imagined! It looks as if he's had good care though - that's an expert piece of bandaging. Will he have to return the crutch to A&E once he's better?

Your twinkies look good enough to eat! Last year I spent quite a bit on a whole lot of Perfect Pearls but they aren't nearly as vibrant as this. I am very tempted to get some as I find bright colours and anything sparkly or iridescent totally irresistable... So glad Mr. Mojo has decided to return, and long may he remain!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #112

Bridget Larsen said...

Did you throw something at Woody to give him that sprain? tut tut I hope you provided workers compensation to him.
Bridget #23

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Ros, Oh I do so love your cyclamens, so nice, rich colours, they must love that window spot. I too like working with H2Os, my old water colour pencils get forgotten....your card's looking nice, will check back to have a look. Have a super week - find that mojo. Cheers Robyn said...

Ros you blogs all are a real delight!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Ros, you may be late in joining in but I'm even more late commenting so that's all right then :) Your poor Mannikin, he's been in the wars, rather like my daughter this week ... a badly sprained ankle has curtailed her activities for several weeks.

Your stamped piece is beautiful, love the cyclamen, and how very fortunate that the olive bottle with family connections was found. We used to have milk delivered in bottles too but the tops were silver foil. That didn't stop the birds piercing them for the cream too.

Have a great weekend. Elizabeth x #37

Spyder said...

Well, at least Woody's got himself in the picture!...Love the crutches!
The 'Pink' thing on my woyww is my Quickutz, I've had it ages, got it with some letters and numbers (It's a die cutter) for waaaay less than half price, not sure if they are still made, as I've never seen any more die-cuts for it. There's a magnet in it's 'jaws' to hold a square die and you just squeeze it!!

Happy VERY late woyww!!#36

(Lyn) too many dogs to walk and it was very hot!)

Shaz Brooks said...

I'm late around too this week,Mr Mannekin does look somewhat distressed, I agree. What a lovely lot of H2O's!Lovely stamped work too. We also used to have milk bottle deliveries- many years ago now- but ours had silver foil lids, and it was little Blue Tits that stole the cream! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #70 xx

Maudieroff Roffey said...

Hi Ros - thanks for popping by - wow another twink lover - only the 2nd I have seen displaying them so blatantly - the other person was me a couple of weeks ago LOL... just love them!! I also have a little wooden guy hanging around luckily he only looks over my shoulder and doesn't get too involved... Have a great week - Happy WOYWW - Mxx #4

MaggieC said...

I got seriously distracted by your beautiful H2O's and what you have done with them. Beautiful work. I remember, as a child, the milkman coming every morning in time for breakfast. Our bottles all had foil lids, and the blue tits were the birds that first learned to peck through them to reach the cream on top of the milk. Other species learned from them. In school, we had 1/3 pint bottles of milk at morning playtime, and if it had been left outside in the winter, it froze and there would be a huge pillar of ice pushing out of the top of the bottle. We also had the breadman every day, and the post was delivered twice a day. If you posted something first thing in the morning, it was often delivered by second post. How times change! Thank you for your visit this week. Glad you have defeated those pesky possums. I just have bumble bees and wasps, and signs that we had rats up there last winter. Have a great time with your painting. xx Maggie #38

voodoo vixen said...

Sorry I am so late visiting... things just got in the way this week!
Love the crutch for the wounded wooden mannie, made me smile!! The flowers look lovely with the little glass bottles too! Annette #17

Eliza said...

Hi Ros,

Thanks for visiting me, you made me smile with memories of the Clydesdale horses and cart clopping up the street to deliver the milk and yes I still have one of the bottles too, such beautiful memories, gosh that goes back a little bit and yes the birds did peck the lids to get their fix.

Glad to hear your Mojo is back, beautiful card too.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 55

Anonymous said...

Look at that beautiful assortment of Twinks! Glad that the mojo is back, the finished card is really pretty. I couldn't believe my luck winning that die, I really must crack on with DT piece and my brother's birthday card though, so I have to put it to one side for now!

Sorry I'm late!