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23 October, 2013

WOYWW No. 229. Two Birthday Cards

Greetings all.

Sorry I have not been to visit many peeps this week. I have had a really busy week with much of it at the desk! Talk about a pig in mud! Forgive my recalcitrance but I've spent more time creating than usual and it's been WONderful.

One little frustration I have is that I can't comment on Google + blogs. I don't want to be enmeshed in the social media. I actually feel a bit narky about the paradox of this social inclusiveness when in fact exclusion and invasion of privacy is the reality. Facebook and Google are taking over the internet world and I just want you to know that if I don't leave a message, this is why.
Karen B, you were one of the folk I wanted say hello to.

Here's the desk and the cards for my two birthday friends.  We're all out for lunch today to celebrate with them at a lovely local restaurant called The Rocks. It looks out over the yacht club, a lovely bay and a shallow beach called Mothers Beach.

And why you ask, would anyone be looking at the desk?  Well it's What On Your Workdesk Wednesday which starts over at Mrs Dunnit's Stamping Ground. Scores of us do it so go see for yourself and enjoy.

The work space: versions of JOFY inspiration, Elizabeth Kimono die, Fresco Finish paint, feature tool this week. Guess.
The feature tool (not that this is a regular thing - but it could be) is the staple remover. It's the best tool for lifting panels placed crookedly, opening stubborn packages, tweaking loose screws and on and on. I've got two or three in different places and would be lost without them.

Birthday card started last week.
A couple of people asked me about Wink of Stella brush pens. I love them to bits and have written to Zig about bringing out refills because they ain't cheap! They are the same as fillable water brushes so it would be easy to fill these, even with a syringe. The brush points are very fine and the glitter is super fine but thick enough to see easily. You can see it in this photo quite well (not that this isn't the skill of the photographer, y'know). The 'ink' in the Wink is water soluble so if I'm really quick, I can blend the colours a bit - shows well in the grass.
I think I must be feeling funny this morning.

Here's my first attempt with the Elizabeth Kimono
Very pleased with this die; it's my first Elizabeth die and works very well. The script is an old Lucy stamp which looks pleasing here. My friend Jill is very elegant so this will suit her well.

Have a great week all.
Miles of smiles,

16 October, 2013

WOYWW No 228. New stamps

Greetings all,

Can't believe it's two months (plus a bit) since I was here on the Wednesday desk-hop. Thanks and thanks for the kind messages from friends - you can't know how much I appreciated your comments. Spring is certainly here and the garden is rioting. It's gorgeous, or gorgemous as my friend Jackie says, which has got to be more extremely gorgeous.

This past week I've been doing the Creative Chemistry 102 on-line course with Tim Holtz. My word, these sessions are well organised and fun to get going with. Another enjoyment has been a couple of shows - Paperific and From Picture to Page which was last weekend. I encountered a great supplier called 'Crafters Cupboard'. These folk are rare birds who import UK stuff to Australia and I was happy to see their wares which I have only seen on friends' blogs and in Craft Stamper until now.

On the desk is the beginnings of a birthday card for my friend Penny using some stamps from a set by Jo Firth-Young.

Apart from the JOFY stamps, the other interest is the Wink of Stella brush pens. Love 'em.

Thought I'd include a photo of the general melee, the cock-pit you might say.

What a riot, but there is more space and better organisation than there was a year ago.

Wizz over to Julia Dunnit to see what this desk-hopping is all about. It's the best fun. 
Dinner calls so I'll flit. Happy thoughts and lots of smiles to all,

12 October, 2013

CC 102 - Day 5 Embossing

This is all about sticky stuff and it's been great fun. Before I continue however, I just want to say thanks for lovely comments from friends old and new.

I'll be brief as it's late-ish and I'm leaving early in the morning for a show - this time it's "From Picture to Page".  Funny to mention it but after this week, I've got a little list.  Fancy that!

From the left: Distress EP, Sticky Powder with glitter, Sticky Powder with gilt leafing
'A to Z' are grunge pieces embossed with Distress of different colours, and the old tree is Distress embossed with tea dye.  It's intended to give the impression of h-e-a-t.

The next is stamped with all the pink/red colours in the DI range then the Sticky Powder and glitter.

The final tag is stamped with embossing ink, Sticky Powder applied and then mixed colours of gold leaf.  I added a band top and bottom with double sided tape and some leaf of a different colour mix. 

After all that glitter and gold leaf, I'm very pleased with my tiny vacuum cleaner. It's supposed to be for dusting computer keyboards although it's been far more useful for ubiquitous stuff like fine pieces of leaf.

It's been such an interesting week, and of course, I haven't done half of the techniques yet. I'm looking forward to completing the rest next week even though the course will be over in this active phase.


11 October, 2013

Friday Smile. A Kings Park Family

Greetings dear friends of the Smiling Champions,

I'm so very happy to join you again. Some of you might have seen that I've been doing the Creative Chemistry 102 with Tim Holtz and it's been such a boost to my creative urge. I'm very impressed with the organisation - good lesson plans, excellent notes and videos, and great forum support. 

A week ago or so, I went to Perth for the marriage of my niece. It's some years since I've seen my family over there, since my Father died in fact, so it was such a delight to be there with them.  I stayed near Kings Park which is an immense area of parkland in central Perth. Oh my, how gorgeous it is with untouched bushland, imaginative playgrounds, restaurants both cafĂ© style and formal, and botanic gardens!!!

Spring is here and the wildflowers are going crazy everywhere but Western Australia is known for its fabulous variety.  I'll post some more pictures but for now, here is one to make you smile.

The Wood Duck Family.
Hope you're all doing well, and content. No doubt it's cooling down in the northern hemisphere.


CC 102 Faux Patina

I've enjoyed playing with my alcohol inks as I have for a long time. They are called for in this Faux Patina Technique.  Seeing that I have no metal findings handy, I've done what I often have in the past and made one using foil and an embossing folder. Really, anything that will go through the Big Shot is fair game.

On this tag are two cog wheels which I fussy-cut with scissors and then doctored with the inks.

What the blazes, you may ask, is the cat food lid doing here?
The foil lid of the cat food tin is a great source of cheap foil. It has a pleasing matt patina of its own whereas the tin itself is shiny foil so both are useful.

The top cog wheel is cut from the inside of the lid which is plain silver. Question for myself:  Tim says that whilst the inks are translucent, the Mixatives are not, so what if I have a go at covering the label?  The second version is cut from the label side just the same as the one in the photo.  I used Rust, Stream, and Butterscotch with Silver. If you want confirmation that the Mixatives are opaque, it's here.

That was fun! And thanks a heap to my mates who left comments.

09 October, 2013

CC-102 Day 2. Layered stencilling.

Day 2 of Creative Chemistry 102 with Tim Holtz.  I'm really enjoying it although I'm up warming to the activity fairly slowly having been away from both my desk and my blog for nearly two months now.

I'll post this class in bits and pieces as I tackle each of the seven techniques related to layering stencils so will take me an age to complete I think.  Hopefully I will manage it but who knows which day it will happen.  :-)

For the mixed media layering, I chose stencils that might make a rainy day composition - some dots in lines, a brass stencil of curly-cues and another brass stencil of umbrellas.

The resist effect of pale blue stencilled Distress Paint shows clearly through the darker Distress Inks.

In addition to the Distress Inks, I swiped some brushed pewter Distress Stain.  
Great course with good lesson plans, clear videos, well presented notes. Love it and glad to be back in blog land, though I still miss my Studio Muse.