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12 October, 2013

CC 102 - Day 5 Embossing

This is all about sticky stuff and it's been great fun. Before I continue however, I just want to say thanks for lovely comments from friends old and new.

I'll be brief as it's late-ish and I'm leaving early in the morning for a show - this time it's "From Picture to Page".  Funny to mention it but after this week, I've got a little list.  Fancy that!

From the left: Distress EP, Sticky Powder with glitter, Sticky Powder with gilt leafing
'A to Z' are grunge pieces embossed with Distress of different colours, and the old tree is Distress embossed with tea dye.  It's intended to give the impression of h-e-a-t.

The next is stamped with all the pink/red colours in the DI range then the Sticky Powder and glitter.

The final tag is stamped with embossing ink, Sticky Powder applied and then mixed colours of gold leaf.  I added a band top and bottom with double sided tape and some leaf of a different colour mix. 

After all that glitter and gold leaf, I'm very pleased with my tiny vacuum cleaner. It's supposed to be for dusting computer keyboards although it's been far more useful for ubiquitous stuff like fine pieces of leaf.

It's been such an interesting week, and of course, I haven't done half of the techniques yet. I'm looking forward to completing the rest next week even though the course will be over in this active phase.



Zue said...

Hi Ros, it's good to see you back.
What a great way to return to regularly creativity.
You have spring,how wonderful. Our weather is turning quite cool and winter will soon be upon us.

I have been creatively flat for a while, mainly just been posting 'wordy' posts.
You have some wonderful creations to show on your recent posts. Good to experiment with new ideas:)
Sue xxxx

Carole M. said...

lots of creativity happening for you Ros' and for a while there I think you thought .. nothing much is happening. Your muse has resurfaced! The gold-leaf is very effective and I'm sure looks even better up close and personal.