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11 October, 2013

CC 102 Faux Patina

I've enjoyed playing with my alcohol inks as I have for a long time. They are called for in this Faux Patina Technique.  Seeing that I have no metal findings handy, I've done what I often have in the past and made one using foil and an embossing folder. Really, anything that will go through the Big Shot is fair game.

On this tag are two cog wheels which I fussy-cut with scissors and then doctored with the inks.

What the blazes, you may ask, is the cat food lid doing here?
The foil lid of the cat food tin is a great source of cheap foil. It has a pleasing matt patina of its own whereas the tin itself is shiny foil so both are useful.

The top cog wheel is cut from the inside of the lid which is plain silver. Question for myself:  Tim says that whilst the inks are translucent, the Mixatives are not, so what if I have a go at covering the label?  The second version is cut from the label side just the same as the one in the photo.  I used Rust, Stream, and Butterscotch with Silver. If you want confirmation that the Mixatives are opaque, it's here.

That was fun! And thanks a heap to my mates who left comments.


Anne Kristine said...

Wow...this looks great!
Hugs, Anne

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Ros!! You're back!! Yay, lovely to see you again :-)
Cat food labels huh? An excellent resource, say I. Would it please you to know that my husband has repaired our petrol lawn mower with cat food tins?? It's true...washed out, bottom cut out and cylinder opened up and flattened, then riveted onto the rusty gap on the mower. It was then painted with red Hammerite paint and Bob's your Uncle! It wouldn't win any beauty competitions but its lasted well for three years!! lol
Hope you re keeping well and happy,
LLJ xx

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous! Especially the one with the printed side. Thanks for sharing this is possible!

The Cat Lady said...

WOW! Great idea with the cat food lid.

Grama's Inky Spot said...

I love your ingenuity, and your finished pieces! I have no cat, but i'm thinking my yogurt lids are similar - i'm off to play some more now, thank you for the inspiration!