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02 November, 2013

Friday Smiles: View from my Bathroom

Hello Friday smilers.  Joining in with Annie's Friday Smiles.

This is just a little photo essay to make you smile - I was smiling while I cleaned my teeth so I decided to take some pictures. It's the view from my bathroom window which seemed especially lovely this morning. Here it is in step-by-step zoom.

Looking across the garden to a lovely 'borrowed view' of eucalypts.
Zooming in a little on the California poppies, some yellow, some orange.
Who's the gal holding the floor, stealing the show from anything lavender?
The self-sewn star of the poppy show - the hussy with purple curly hair.

Ain't she gorgeous?  Look at those buds, and wait until you see the seed pods.

I'll post those dangerously ornamental and handsome seed pods when they arrive. Hope you're well and smiling.



Carole M. said...

lovely outlook and that poppy is ...what kind of poppy? Amazing.

Annie said...

Hi Ros. Such gorgeous pics of your garden flowers. Those poppies are stunning.
A x

RosA said...

The purple curly flower is a poppy?? Wow! It's gorgeous!

BumbleVee said...

wow ....those are absolute beauts!! I've never seen anything like them.

Zue said...

I have those poppies! I just love them!
Sometimes bees hide within their petticoats!

Your bathroom window view is really pretty.
Glad you are smiling, I am smiling and drowning in baby grandchildren.
Have a good weekend, Ros!
Sue xxx

Neesie said...

I'm certainly smiling now Ros,
Thank you so much for transporting me to your place. The suns shining, flowers blooming and I can feel the warmth through your photo as well as hearing the birds and busy bees.
Those photos are fantastic and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hussy with purple curly hair!
I wonder if they'd grow here? Hmm...I must check that out because now I want some for my own garden. They're just stunning :D

Keep smiling and thanks for sharing your beautiful garden with me.
Have a great weekend xoxo

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Wow you have a gorgeous view from your bathroom. Looks like you live in the country and enjoy gardening too. It's so nice to see summer photos. Thanks for your kind comment at my blog :). Have a great evening/day, Shirleyx