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20 November, 2013

WOYWW No. 233. Cards for a Yellow Robin.

Greetings WOYWW-ers.

I've sadly missed a few weeks of desk hopping, but lots has happened - some glad, some sad and some bad. Firstly a fast and friendly 'hello' to my comrades who visit and follow my blog.  For those who wonder what the desk viewing is about, hop over to the Stamping Ground.

The Glad news is on my desk. I am part of a team setting up a little fund raiser for the local friends group of our lovely Balcombe Estuary. I have designed a Christmas card which accompanies the donations to our Group. It includes the Eastern Yellow Robin which makes its home along the Estuary.

The Eastern Yellow Robin as a Christmas feature.

In case you wondered, Woody has a seated vantage point in a busy corner.

The sad news is that our little Blackbird family nesting above the front porch light has been raided by a Butcher Bird. Three chicks were thrown out of the nest this morning. One of them is still breathing, moving, swallowing but I don't know whether it will survive. It's only a few days old and feeding it is a problem. Mrs Blackbird has disappeared and Mr Blackbird has been flying up and down in great distress.

It's a fine nest, buttressed against the light.

Four days old and three happy little beaks.
In one rampage, the Butcher Bird threw them all out.
One has survived but only just; still breathing, swallowing.

Mr Blackbird has been up and down all day.

Finally, the bad news is that I had some day surgery on my left middle finger. It was really a very effective experience full of efficiency, attention to detail and light-hearted care. So, it's not really that bad, just a bit sore and a great excuse to dodge my duties and soak up some pampering!

A fat finger - the osteophytes caused a problem here. Damn this arthritis.

Must be away. The finger is not up to any more activity.
Miles of Smiles,


Annie said...

Lets hope you have lots more happy news to share soon. I can feel the pain in your finger from here....ouch. Really hope it improves very soon.
Sending gentle healing hugs,
A x # 42

Zue said...

That Butcher Bird!
What is the point of him, why didn't he eat the chicks, so sad!?

I love the idea for your Christmas makes and the notion behind them. Well done, you!

Your poor finger! Let' s hope it heals really quickly. I have a few knobbles on my fingers, sometimes they hurt, but often not!
Take care and have a good week!
Sue xxxx

Peg Robinson said...

Hope you mend quickly. We need our hands for so many things. Peg 346

Carole M. said...

sad news on the blackbird chicks. Speedy recovery and no doubt a little physio for the repair of your finger. I suffer the same fate with arthritis in my hands.

Glenda Brooks said...

I love your card and hope your finger mends quickly!
Glenda #52

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Nature can be so cruel at times.... :-( Well done for trying to save that little chick.
And ouchie, that finger looks painful. Arthritis is no joke.. though I did wonder if you'd flipped the bird one too many times ;-) Oooh, sorry, that was naughty of me.....snigger.....
Take care, sending big hugs,
LLJ 41 xx

Ann Strecko Koeman said...

Happy WOYWW! Quick healing on that finger of yours, hand surgery is a pain but a blessing when all is healed. I too care very much about our environment and nature and I too live near a sensitive and rare eco system which means a great deal to me and the local citizens, it is one of the few untouched bogs left in the world and we have to fight to keep it from being developed.

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah ros! your poorly finger..typing must be a right old hand ache of a challenge. love the idea behind the yellow breasted robin cards, good on ya! poor's such a cruel fate.

Cazzy said...

Hi Ros,

Birds and other creatures can be so cruel to each other! I hope the last one will make it and mum comes back, we lost a nest after a cat raided it and scared the babies, and I put them all back but they kept hopping out and I think the cat might have picked them off, I hope one survived!
Your poor finger, I hope it recovers soon.
Cazzy x #70

glitterandglue said...

Trust your finger soon heals up properly. Oh - poor wee birds - I always hate to see baby birds tossed out of their nest.
Have a special time this week.
Margaret #20

Carole M. said...

I'm really sorry to see the distressing images of the baby birds and the subsequent plight of the blackbird parent. It's hard to witness these things right in front of you even though we know it 'goes on'. Hope your e.y.robin cards help your funds, and good luck with your finger surgery Ros'

Hettie said...

Nasty bird.
Hope your finger isn't getting in the way of your craftiness - just the H word!