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31 January, 2014

Guest Artist, Jasmine in Smiles for Friday.

Some of you might recall that I made a birthday present for Jasmine some time back. That was her eighth birthday - you do the addition. The treasure chest was a bit of a hit at the time, and she was already into some very clever cut-fold-stick creations.

This Christmas, she received a parcel of lots of goodies - watercolour paper, Gelatos, a few stamps, and some tools. She brought her cards to show me and I said she would have a Guest Appearance here. 


Jazz had some stickers and used some die-cuts from my desk.

Birds and butterflies go well together.

These photos go together showing the front and inside of the card.  Some ribbon decorates the centre spread.

And in the spirit of WOYWW, (What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday) here is Jazzie's desk.  It's very tidy;  I don't think she's got the idea of admitting to creative messes that we share on Wednesdays.  ;-)

A little shopping spree of her own and she brought home some punches.
Well, I hope you enjoyed our budding artist.  There is another instalment that I promised.

Hugs to all, especially Jazz.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I thought I had dropped by for a WOYWW visit, but now I'm not sure I made it before I had to take the Friday Smiles photos off my camera. It was great to see an artist who keeps her desk clean. That definitely put a smile on MY face.

Happy Friday Smiles, Ros. And if I didn't make it to your place for WOYWW, I apologize, because I know you have been by my place quite some time ago.

Annie said...

Love to see young crafters inspired to create....she will soon learn how to share a creative mess too :-)
Annie x

by Gill said...

Jasmine and i share the same love of tidy desks. What great pictures she created though, thanks for sharing
Gill x

Laura said...

Nice work Jazz!
Love to see little ones creating, and she's put me to shame with the tidiness of her desk!!

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Beautiful creations by Jazz! I love the vibrant colours on the top one, she is a talented young lady :) Cheers, Shirleyx

JoZart said...

How super ... lots of creative talent and well organised and tidy too. Well done to Jazzie!
jo x

mamapez5 said...

Lovely to see Jazz enjoying her crafting. You have inspired her with your gift. Definitely something to smile about. Kate x

Caro said...

What a lovely smiley her creativity! Thanks for sharing. Caro xx

Zue said...

Congratulations to Jazz on her fabulous creations and impressively tidy desk.....lovely!!!!
Thanks so much Ros for your comments...that book sounds really interesting and I will order it next week? I feel I will enjoy it!
Your boobook owls are so cute, I looked them up, we have Tawny owls here and they are very vocal at to my ears!
The security light as just been switched off, thank goodness. I think the house owners were away.
Have a wonderfully creative week...
Best wishes Ros...
Sue xxx