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Feline Fun

I love my cats. Who doesn't love their companion animals! I have two cats, both girls and quite different in temperament, looks and eating habits.

I decided they deserve a page so people can visit and shake a paw if they please. I plan to make this page a feline frolic so do come back for the photos.

Dixie is a furry Comfort Queen, always in black and white formal attire. She can flump anywhere and look comfortably draped. From here she watches the world with great interest. In fact I think she has a doggie gene in her. She's not interested in a lap, but rather likes everyone to play outside so she can supervise in a companionable way. She talks a lot too. We quite often have four or five exchanges initiated by her.

Dixie loves to drape she is on the garden bench

Pumpkin is a small brown tabby with some orange patches - thus her name. She is retiring and choosey about her humans. It's one of my life achievements that she stays with me and wants cuddles. Since I moved to a house with large ceramic tiles on the floor, she has discovered playing with ping-pong balls and is as funny as a circus.

The "Bush" Pumpkin
Dixie likes to get into anything that's has soft stuff in it like clothes - suitcases, beds, laundry bags, knee rugs, cushions, pillows... you name it.  She likes it best if it smells of her favourite humans.

The Comfort Queen - going somewhere?
Pumpie is very keen to get into things too, but they must be a mystery, a hidey hole, or something that makes a noise like rustling paper. This shopping bag seems to be appealing.

One in the Bag! 

And Dixie loves to sit in the garden and just contemplate, or at least, that's my human take on this long period of sitting amongst the flowers. She's never far from company though. She's very sociable and likes to listen in to the conversations nearby.

Sometimes I sits and thinks...And sometimes I just sits

Pumpkin likes to drink out of any receptacle in the garden and then usually she disappears underneath the foliage somewhere. On occasion, she sits like the sphinx and pretends to be invisible particularly when there is a camera around.

Ha. If I can't see you, you can't see me.

Now here's a cat with a difference. She comes from Thailand and has been in my household for twenty years, keeping an eye on the room and who comes to the book case.

Keeping an eye on the birdbooks.

Here's Dixie in the "English" part of our garden. We call it Bluebell Dell and she has a few little vantage points where she likes to sit and watch. The wattle birds get cross with her and try to send her packing with lots of swooping and diving. She's not interested in them and remains unperturbed.

Spring time sentry in Bluebell Dell.
Pumpkin likes to sit at another vantage point near the compost bins. Here there is more promise of action because the rats and mice are very clever at digging around the wire mesh designed to keep them out and at the same time let the worms in.

The Mouse Police.

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Monica said...

Visiting from WOYWW and had to come as we had to say goodbye to our beloved Spunky on Monday. I want to cuddle each and every kitty.