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The Kitchen

This kitchen page is designed to give you, dear reader, a list of links to the recipes posted in my blog which makes it a kind of Table of Contents. I hope it works well, and that you not only enjoy the Kitchen Wisdom but that going to the original post gives you some context as well.

Pearl Couscous with Dukkah

Neet asked for this 29th June, 2012. Thanks for your comment Neet.


Jo at Jozarty asked about Dukkah, 28th June, 2012. Hope it works okay.

Anzac Biscuits

This is rather a perennial biscuit that is yummy for many/any occasions. It's easy to make, and none of the commercial attempts come close to a home-made Anzac! 

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Neet said...

Thanks Ros, am off visiting near the supermarket this morning so will call in and look for 'pearl couscous'. Sounds delicious!
Thanks and Hugs
Neet xx